Ex Mercury Knowledge 2012

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. It's the B0LLOCKS!
  2. Each to their own - personally I would rather have a **** with a barbed wire glove than listening to some of the cock knockers down there! Then pay for the privilege of being served shite food!
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  3. Obviously so enthralling you've resorted to going on arrse!!!
  4. I have coverage... which is in itself a post-worthy happenstance.
  5. What is this ?
  6. Read timebandits post.
  7. The annual photo fiasco.
  8. Thank **** I couldn't make it.
  9. Thank **** I didn't go. Bovington fireworks display was a better option!!!
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  10. It was ok after Mr Vice had been on...

    Little snooze, good breky and waiting for transportation.

    Good to meet up with some Old Acquaintances and catch up and of course get inflamation of th ebrain.
  11. never been, never will....

    why would anyone give up a weekend to spend it chatting to a bunch of "look at me's".....and blandford of all ******* places! what a depressing shithole the corps mess is!...

    id rather go to the Army v Navy and have a proper piss up without having to smile nicley at all the throbbers and belters that frequent the corps convention!..
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