Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by saracenbob, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. hi all,i was wondering if there are any ex members of the above TA regiment who are members of ARRSE...i am an ex member of A COY 1 WESSEX based at bristol between 1983 and 1990..and would love to hear from my old buddies...or other members of 1 wessex companys... :D
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  2. Do a search for "Wessex Regiment" mate, theres a few threads on here.

    2 Wessex were better anyway! :D
  3. :lol: your entitled to your opinion :D
    thanks for the tip ill search that thread ...cheers
  4. Hi am ex 6pl B coy 1 wessex if that helps.
  5. hi,when were you in bcoy,can you tell me when you joined and when you left,we might have met on s.p.t.a.[salisbury.plane.training.area],or on a cadre..i joined acoy bristol in 1983, i whent to rollestone camp to do my recruits cadre in 1983,then went to canada as part of EX POND JUMP WEST,on attachment to the gloucester regiment...i did my nco cadre at rollestone in 1984... :D cheers
  6. Hi also Ex 1 Wessex Mortar Pl 82 till the end!
  7. hi, was your ta centre at gloucester,that seems to ring a bell.. :D i know a few guys from there..cheers
  8. No the Mortar Pl was in Andover, it was the Milan Pl in Gloucester / Stroud
  9. Hi - I used to be platoon commander of 6pl before moving on to become 2ic of D Coy and then mortar platoon commander at Andover.
  10. Served in both 1st and 2nd Bns. 17 Pln, E Coy in Plymouth with 1st Bn, B and C Coys of 2 Wessex.
    ( ..with an act like mine you gotta keep moving... :) )
  11. I was at Swindon in 86 onwards.

    I still have my very smart blue stablebelt and Wessex Wyvern Cap Badge.
  12. Were you in the mortar paltoon at Andover - I was platoon commander back in the 80's - took over from Cundy.
  13. There are still a few members of 17 Pl knocking about (believe it or not!), I'll PM you a few names to see if you recognise them. The bar in Millbay still has the roll of honour board with the members of 17 Pl that went on to be the founder members of A Coy 4D&D.
  14. I was D Coy 1 Wessex, I think I might have been on the same recruits cadre in the summer of 83 (but it was at the small camp at the bottom of the hill) at Westdown.
  15. Good God. I was in 2 Wessex 1975-77 before joining the Big Boys' Army. Fun times, even if we were jealous of all the Gucci kit the First Battalion gigolos got, as part of their role.