Ex members of 76 Maudes Bty

Dont suppose that any ex members of 76 Maudes Bty are out there anywhere are there. I was with them in paderborn 84 / 85, then Larkhill 85 / 87. Someone told me they were now a trg Unit, anyone know anything about it?
I was in Woods troop Maudes Bty during my phase one training back in 1999 not many happy memories.
I am ex76(maudes)bty 75-77 :D at that time we were a hvy ind bty attached to 26 fld RA(abbot spg) we had M110`s :lol:
I ran Desbrisay's Tp at Pribright for one intake whilst holding for the APC. The accommodation was an absolute scandal and I was ashamed to have to defend it. I hope that Maude's has a better home now.
Goodram said:
I used to be a Maude's man! from 85 till the infomus day they amalgamated with 34 Saringe up your bum Bty.
Ah, the fighting 34. It's a little known fact that the radar dish on the BC's roof is set up so that he can receive messages from his home planet.
Ah........the Mighty Maudes...what a TOP Battery. Many Happy days with Tracksuit Bob at the helm...LOL! Great bunch of blokes and FUN as well. Many a character in it's ranks. Goodram...if you're who I think you are...how's it going?
i was in desbrisays troop at pirbright and we moved to the new accomadation in week 1, i think everyone has moved out of the spider blocks now so all looks good at pirbright now about time aswell.
Goodram, Nope it's not helping. I remember sos but the goodram I knew was a bespectacled CP wallah, (not Herr Flick).
Ok, in an outrageous bit of thread revival, I'll put my hand up!
I remember good-ram the CP wallah, SOS, track suit Bob and Herr Flick!
What about Plug, KFS, Budda and the other "characters" that made up the Bty?

@GNR40 if you're who I think you are, you're firing your mortars at your end, and they're landing here at our end!

This has been festering for a few years, I note but I joined Maudes in '59 and left in the Great Exodus of '64.

Are you still there ?

Sorry for the late reply. Joined Maudes June 1960 and left 1968. Had a variety of jobs ended up being a TARA with Fred Knowles and Willy Fitzsimmons. Went to 25 when I left as a TARA/Regt Surveyor Sgt. Retired in 1977. This is the only photo I have of me in 24. I am front rank 3rd from left. Taken in 1961.


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