Ex members of 76 Maudes Bty

Dont suppose that any ex members of 76 Maudes Bty are out there anywhere are there. I was with them in paderborn 84 / 85, then Larkhill 85 / 87. Someone told me they were now a trg Unit, anyone know anything about it?
I ran Desbrisay's Tp at Pribright for one intake whilst holding for the APC. The accommodation was an absolute scandal and I was ashamed to have to defend it. I hope that Maude's has a better home now.
Goodram said:
I used to be a Maude's man! from 85 till the infomus day they amalgamated with 34 Saringe up your bum Bty.
Ah, the fighting 34. It's a little known fact that the radar dish on the BC's roof is set up so that he can receive messages from his home planet.
Ah........the Mighty Maudes...what a TOP Battery. Many Happy days with Tracksuit Bob at the helm...LOL! Great bunch of blokes and FUN as well. Many a character in it's ranks. Goodram...if you're who I think you are...how's it going?
i was in desbrisays troop at pirbright and we moved to the new accomadation in week 1, i think everyone has moved out of the spider blocks now so all looks good at pirbright now about time aswell.
Ok, in an outrageous bit of thread revival, I'll put my hand up!
I remember good-ram the CP wallah, SOS, track suit Bob and Herr Flick!
What about Plug, KFS, Budda and the other "characters" that made up the Bty?

@GNR40 if you're who I think you are, you're firing your mortars at your end, and they're landing here at our end!

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