Ex-Matelot jailed for lying on CV

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Apologise if already done

    From the snail:

    Ms Mackay, who was unemployed, was then shortlisted and asked to provide a reference from her previous employer, the Royal Navy.
    She then forged the letter of recommendation and signed it using the name of her boyfriend, a chief petty officer.

    She later forged a reference from her boyfriend, now her husband, without his knowledge.

    Now I know it's only 6 months but future employment for Ms Mackay will be even harder in todays climate but I could be wrong?

  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Where does this leave Byers' TV job interview, in the context of what he said to Dispatches afterwards? Or are some animals more equal than others in our Socialist paradise?
  3. Shame. It is criminal but I'm sure lots of people have done worse, and were never sent to jail for it.
  4. I call waltess. She may be a bit on the hideous side but she's not nearly ugly enough to be an ex-Wren.
  5. So falsifying a CV is a criminal/detention type offence now? fook me, many people should be inside if thats the case.

    What next? illegal immigrants will actually be sent back to whence they came?
  6. Jeez, pity they couldn't get Jim Shortt on that!
  7. Shoit!! Beat me to it :twisted:
  8. What did she do as a Sonar Operator to get PTSD? It must have been hell listening to propellor signatures and whalesong.
  9. You gotta get up early to beat a Dub!
  10. Crazy isn't it - you have showbiz cnuts like Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss etc getting caught with smack, coke etc. Doherty even got caught smuggling heroin into court. They get a smack on the wrist, meanwhile an ex member of the armed forces goes to jail for exaggerating a CV. Our country seems to get worse every day.
  11. Might have been something to do with the job she had got by lying. Everyone tries to show themselves in the best light on a CV but lying about your quals is a definite no-no, particularly if you wouldn't have been considered without them.
  12. I think the reason for the jailing might be down to the fact that an NHS job might a state sector job ie the tax payer is funding her wages so effectively the applicant is ripping off the tax payer similar to a benefit fraudster

    It'll be interesting to see if we'll be seeing other future bullsh1tters geting jailed if they lied on a job application form in the state sector
  13. Harsh. I think the judgement was more to do with the catalogue and depth of the deception. She did forge a signature for her financial benefit. If it was just for lying on a CV then there is not enough room in the gaols for that.
  14. And I suppose in the private sector it would be up to the employer as to whether to press criminal charges against an individual on that basis. Even with benefit fraud, depending on the amount involved and the length of time, the DWP may just demand the benefit back although jail time is quite likely if it involves housing benefit etc as well.
  15. I noticed that in the newspaper report although they say there were "some suspicions about her performance" they did not appear to say she could not handle the job, and it appears the job was a admin/clerical type of job anyway, and one would think that a person trained in what is after all a very hight skilled job in the navy as a sonar operator would have been able to hand any sort of admin job - maybe she left the navy with her rum ration saved up and took it to work with her