ex-marines held in Eritrea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Poppy, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. I don't understand why it is so important that these men are ex RM. It is bad that the Eritrean govt won't allow diplomatic access, but that is a whole different matter.
    It is a strange story by the way. Some private anit-piracy patroll ends up in Eritrean waters in a skiff? What the hell were they doing there? Guarding against pirates like that sounds sily.
  2. The PFDJ Government are not known for deviating from their dogmatic ruthless marxist origins.
    It is rather an achievement for a country to rate below North Koea for freedom of speech.
    So the Daily Wah can hardly be blamed from being bluffed by the Whitehall Wallah
    saying they have not had much historical contact with the Eritreans.
    As it is untrue, as ERA, the EPLF's [from which the PFDJ originates], humanitarian & "PR" arm
    & defacto Consul had an office in Islington from the 1980s.

    Time moves very slowly in Asmara as the Eritreans will be investigating whatever conspiracy theories they can convolute, as well as considering what leverage these former Royals can bring.
    Thirty percent of the EPLF forces were women and incredibly easy on the eye as well as being lethal in the trenches!
    They do however make very good gnocci, but the njera bread & local hooch is an acquired taste few manage.

    Trusting that these fellas have an interesting rather than uncomfortable experience and that it is not too prolonged.
  3. Jeannie made constructive valid common points,spot on.
  4. Be the first time ever then considering she's a certified fruit loop. As it is she's still talking out of her cavernous, squaddie groupie quim.
  5. Considering your alias here I gather you're acquanted with African issues. Is there any kind of effective government in Eritrea (the one that employs those buxom girl soldiers serving gnocci?) Or are the men held by some sort of gang / clan / pirate crew?
  6. Sadly the PFDJ are too effective, controlling and incredibly ruthless - hence their ranking in regards to NK.
    There has been some disquieting news regarding the regime's willingness to do biz with elements of the Somali shabaab,
    but this would be through the central committee.
    Similarly sorry to disabuse re "buxom",
    But as they say, if you ain't Cav, you ain't!
  7. Well, after enough time out in the ulu, maybe I would... But I'd probably end up just like those Booties: In the arms, not of an African Queen, but of Saracen inc...