Ex-marine auctions Military Cross

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mister_dodds, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Makes my sh1t boil. There is no mention of any 'special needs' that his family has, but this bloke has a job. He shouldn't need to sell his medals. Maybe there is more to the story.

    Country fit for heroes anybody?

  2. Short term self gratification comes to mind!
  3. "Makes my sh1t boil." -retread2

    Why does it make You angry ?

    It's His award and Yes in this Country anyone awarded the M.C is a Hero, what He does with it is His concern.

    When I first joined My Battalion, I had a Platoon Sergeant and My Section Commander both with M.M's (now M.C's) from a Cross vacation in'80. Both left the system early. Both pissed off.

    If this Man Armstrong feels His Family is the priority then leave Him be.
  4. His medal, he earnt it it is up to him what he does with it.Who are we to say otherwise?
  5. Its his - you go and get one and then you can have an opinion
  6. It doesn't make my sh1t boil that he's selling them, it is because :
    a. He has the need to sell it, and
    b. I'm struggling here, but it's something along the lines of: your gongs symolise your service, by selling them on discharge it is as though they just don't mean much to the seller.

    That said, they are indeed his medals and the price that groups fetch show what value others put on them.

    Good luck to him and his family.

  7. I think ReTread is saying that the Country should look after veterans well enough so that they never feel the need to sell a medal for something so basic as looking after their family.

    He is not making a complaint that the ex-Royal should not be allowed to sell.
  8. When on severly hard times gongs become of little worth when faced with seeing your family going without.

    Within two years of leaving the Army I stumbled on some pretty shitty times and faced with a house reposession, inability to feed the clan, stupid self pride that wouldn't allow me to tell mr folks, the offer of £1150 for four medals was snapped up without thought.

    Do I regret it? I regret it being the only option, I regret not having the balls to speak to someone, I don't regret swapping them for a wad of cash that meant my family got a temporary reprieve from shitty times.

    As soon as the grey clouds cleared and a decent income came along, the two first things I did were to pay back the RBL and order replacement medals....... if anything when they are worn on the 11th it makes me appreciate them more, it also makes me look around at some of the oldtimers out there not wearing any if they went through similar hardships... Personally I find that equally as upsettign as the sounding of the last post.

    I know mine were only campaign and general service medals, and not an award for bravery.... but I imagine the Marine in question doesn't consider himself brave or heroic and his priority is seeing his kin folk with everything they need..... His memories of the action and the MC citation will remain forever, whether he wears his gong or its in a museum or on a collectors wall.

    Maybe there is an option of help available to him, maybe someone could forward a link the the BBC site to the RM association of or the RBL...
  9. To be fair, I don't think there's any suggestion from the article that the guy is in dire financial straits or anything. He just wants to make some extra cash. But why shouldn't he sell something he earned and now owns? His business as far as I can see.
  10. £30 000 is a lot of money can always get replacement minatures .Its sad but he earned it and who are we to say he shouldnt sell it.
  11. I think the issue here is that he's sitting on 30G. I've got a feeling that he wouldn't be selling them if it were 2G. There's no big story here about hard times and the BBC would have jumped on that angle in detail as soon as they wrote the article if there were.

    It's up to him what he does with them... and he can order replacements if he wishes. I hope however that the Corps or a national museum wins the bidding - does him a write up etc.

    Sad in some ways... but if he'd prefer 30G as a reward for his actions rather than a metal cross then that's a bonus he's free to take.
  12. It is quite sad that he decided to sell it (for whatever reason), but it's his medal and his decision. I would imagine that there will be a lot of interest in it given the that the theatre is current, so he may end up getting a bit more. I hope he does. From what I can see, most medals of this level end up in collections at some point in their existence.
  13. If it came to a choice between a £30g bank loan, and selling a medal, I know what I'd choose. It's the recognition and the right to wear it that means something - the actual medal is just a piece of metal and can easily be replaced with an identical one for a very small fraction of that £30g!
  14. i think it is a sorry state of affairs that our 'heroes' have to sell their medals in order to make ends meet.

    my only hope is that whoever buys them puts them on display in a museum, and its not some sad walt who's going to claim it as his