Ex Marble Tor

Any one done it? Should be going next year and the FOE that I've got is a bit basic.

I've heard t's supposed to be great.

Any info apreciated.

I did it in 91 and it was fantastic, more of a jolly than a military ex.

And by the way its called Marble Tor not tour. But go its not to be missed.


I did Marble Tor two years ago and it was an excellent exercise. We spent most of our time doing water sports and 3 days on exercise. The training area is ok. Its a good crack get all yuor mates to go on it,it is an awesome fortnight.
In the 15-16 yrs since I did it. I think the trg area has been redeveloped.
Just go and enjoy. No bad points about Marble Tor.


You lucky bar steward .Did it 93 .Bit of fibua in tunnels and small village
like area . Water sports adventure training weekend off in spain .Probably most fun camp you can do in the ta .If you didnt have to go by crab air would be perfect :D .


Did Gib this year with our unit. Great exercise and good time town.

There were some problems with transport to and from due to Crab Air and too few Hercs available. Make sure you're covered for a couple of days getting back. I had to pay for a civvie flight home on the Sat as flights were delayed until the Sun PM. They eventually got in on Tuesday early AM!

The Buffadero training area is quite small, approx 400 m sq with a FIBUA village at the centre. The main effort is genrally FIBUA and Tunnels. Take knee pads. They look gay, but safe you soo much pain. We ended up using First-Field dressings to stop the damage.

If you go in June - Aug, as they all mainly are, as on Ops drink plenty of water. We had several people go down. Generally they were the bifs with poor admin skills, but we had to keep pouring water down their throats.

Its a great time. Enjoy it.


Bloody fantastic exercise (although I never saw any of this water sports training!). Nice weather, fantastic FIBUA training and hot sweaty tunnel warfare. I know our final exercise through the night was superb- kept getting 'casualties' sent back to me. Brilliant training (if a little spooky in the morgue).

The same happended with CrabAir with us- we got back in the early hours of Tuesday, so make sure work is aware!
The_Cheat said:
Cheers for the spell check!

Do you know what MACC is? And we're down for a three day Ex, whats the training area like?


at the risk of suffering a wah strike...

Military Aid to the Civil Community.

generally a bit of help revamping a kiddies playground or some other similar community project depending on ths skills base of the unit deploying.
Cheers HDT, no wah intended.

Kind of thought it was that, but didn't know if we would be painting a School or if it was some ex about some disaster thingy.



Came back from Marble Tor this year and my opinion of it is that its a jolly more than an exercise. Definitly a retention tool, and what a good one it was.

Crab Air issues meant we got there late and some troops therefore missed out on 2 days of their training and at the other end, some had to get a civilian flight back (paid for by the Regiment in our case) although as it happens the people who flew Crab Air actually got back to the UK first!?!?

Heat was an issue, but drink, drink, drink is the best option. Treat it seriously, but always remember it is a sunshine trip.

Knee pads are an excellent idea, but get one between two (saves space) -choose your 'going down' knee and use that one only.

MACC was probably hardest and most physical part of the training but can potentially provide your unit with some excellent PR.

Theres some video footage from the BBC here 37 Signal Regiment in Gibraltar


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Yes with SUOTC 2000. Very good, training in the tunnels, then a decent ex with boats, climbing, FIBUA etc. Adventure training was fast boats and diving.

Brilliant, a good retention tool and lots more besides.



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Jim_Stigg_Room_Ten_Nig said:
Just done the last one in Aug/Sept

More info phone the Badge 208!!

208 Bty? Lucky bar stewards, I did Marble Tor with them in 2002, twice in 3 years.

The tunnel fighting phase was awesome. Shame the Troopie missed the main cave system.

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