Ex Marble Gibraltar

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by davenport, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. My units going to gibraltar for this years annual camp, anyone got any comments? I've done some searching on arrse and it seems to get the thumbs up from most and should be a good camp.

    As tunnels will be on the agenda i've been thinking about kit, is it worth getting a headtorch, or an attachement for my torch for my rifle or wont it get used that much? I've got a gerber recon torch but dont wana get extra kit if it wont get used or look like too much of a rambo either!

    Also, whats the town like for a cold beer?


  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Not a clue about fighting in the tunnels as only had the tour but for cold beer, Gib is excellent! Pubs stay open till after 12 and then the clubs open. Loads of places to eat late to. We were warned about getting a shoeing from the locals once pissed but no one did.
  3. The diving is great - one or two superb wrecks.
  4. Headtorch!

    Though weapons mounted ones are fairly easy to come by on the cheap (though will probably be airsoft barrel mounted melt-when-fired types) you will look too rambo for firing blanks.
  5. no need to worry, i've take a size 11 boot :plotting:
  6. It's easier to use a headtorch or rifle mounted torch, but where will the enemy then aim? Also, only the front two of the patrol will have them switched on. Standard R-A torch, clipped to your webbing and then used when searching/clearing the tunnels is fine. Spare batteries to go with it obviously!
    Kneepads very useful. You only need one, give the other to a mate (in exchange for a few beers), and a camelbak too.
  8. I went last year and Knee pads, elbow pads and camel backs were issued also each section got at least 4 mini maglights issued too so i really wouldn't waste your money
  9. There's the tunnels and the caving. The tunnels are in the main well developed and I would imagine that St Michaels Cave has been made a lot easier than it used to be.
    Gib is a great little place but nights out depend on who is in harbour at the time you are there. The Yanks spoil everything, Oz much the same but loads of fun if Kiwis are in town.
    Sounds daft recommendation to a soldier but try and get to a Ceremony of the Keys. Has a special thrill doing it with real gates at Casemates. The baboons are nasty little bstards and bear staying clear of.
    Don't know about current things at the border' The official brothels in La Lush will have closed but there is lots of amateur action. Put any preconceived ideas about bull-fighting aside and go see. If you don't like what you see - go away but every so often the bull has his day and gets someone and you then realise what the man in lights is doing is quite brave. San Roque is a way away but the bull ring there is very very small and gives Bully a fighting chance. And - of course - Tangier is just a short sea trip away but Ceuta is more - um - original.
  10. top place...was there last year, caves tunnels and gun emplacements worth a visit..local reg all very friendly though the chef was a bit of a Muppet!

    Friday nights the best night due to the ships docking, top steak bar in the harbor and an even better Argentinian one across the border..

    tabs are well cheap £10 a sleeve last year so you can smoke yourself to death!

    naffi bar was done up and is good for sports on TV with the big plasma tellys...

    didnt have any bother apart from what i caused due to the demon drink.

    ps..the only extra kit you need is beer tokens and mozzie spray, ate me alive!

  11. great place, although i have never done anything there and been paid by the queen for the privelige...
    plenty of pubs, day trips into spain of course..loadsa navy bods cutting around.. other tips...mmm dont feed the apes... they get voilent...dont get caught smuggling.... make sure you go shopping in morrisons (its got its own bar) funny as feck !
  12. Take suncream. My dad and I went a few years ago, both of us a bit thin in the follicles up top, and pain ensued for the pair of us.

    I love Gib. Got friends out there so it's a cheap holiday!
  13. Gib a little bit of Britain in the sun. I did Marble Tor in 1991 with the sadly disbanded 6RRF, not one bad thing to say about it. The trg was good nothing arduous, adv trg package was great and anything in between was amazing. When you come back lets know how it went.

  14. Any comment yeah you jammy bar steward going to sodding scotland
    porto rico binned
    cyprus binned
    ukraine binned :x

    Utterly great camp remeber sun cream getting sunburned feet is funny if its someone else . :D
  15. That made me laugh! Kenya for us!