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Ex Magnum Spirit 06 - 7 & 16 Sigs

Well it was a good event made even more possible by both 7 & 16 Sigs Regiments out in Elmpt Station in Germany. I know a lot of the guys & girls from that unit got dik'd to do the Job, but they did an ABSOLOUTE FANTASTIC JOB TO MAKE THIS EVENT HAPPEN as it would not have happened without them, even through the constant rain over the saturday they did a fantastic job & i think you all did a good job.

I for one was one off the competitors & real big thanks goes out to the RAO & all the marshals

i'm posted at elmpt and didn't know anything until i bumped into irishdoris in the bar. Did my bit for the Corps though and got one of the REME teams smashed on friday night
good ohhh

yes when i got there, we seen an advert on the outside of JB'S couple of the MT lads was involved it was a good 4 days there all in all, we won the quiz on thursday as well so enjoyed it & made to feel welcome which was great. really good kept the corps going too as we finished in top 5 & the other crew from our TA unit got 6 over all they came away with best beginners we got best novice & our lot from 87 Sig Sqn in Nottingham also came in as top unit team as well but fair enjoyed & thanks once again.

you are sadly missing the point as i did pass this around on the 3 -2 training weekend in may which you was teaching on that i needed a navagiator to go to Germany to take part, but hold out as i am proposing to do a BAFMA road show to drum up interest from the regiment so hold out for that

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