Ex Long Reach

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_good_life, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Anyone help with advice on Ex Long Reach.

    Our group are leaving from "D" and our first check point is "X". Any advice on the exercise or this route.
  2. Mate, sit back and enjoy the ride! I did it in '89, best 4 months ever. Live in sunny Brisbane now. At least your coming over on the back of the RWC & the Ashes, I got s#*t for everything. As long as you can take a joke, drink XXXX your OK.
    Make sure you take the time to do some travelling & see the place.
  3. Fcuk me - four months and you ended up in Brisbane? There's me thinking that getting lost in the Black Mountains was seriously bad luck, but four months? did you tab the whole way?

    tgl - enjoy!
  4. He's is on about Ex Long Reach...not Long look...ya plonker!!! :lol:
  5. Can't remember the specifics. Remember that we had a really small floppy with us that was rubbish! It's not as bad as everyone says (nothing ever is) but as I understand it they do it in the third term now, rather than week 6 when I went through it. Is that true?

    Everyone in our group had a low point. I don't think that we did particularly well either...
  6. Am I right in thinking its 70km over 2 days? What kind of weight would you be carrying?

  7. Picture the scene.

    Ex LONG REACH, and it's pi$$ing it down at oh-my-god'-it's-early-o'clock.

    Darth's merry band of wannabe soldiers are approaching checkpoint 5, and spirits are starting to sag - slightly. Our floppie (UAE) has been wittering on and on like a broken record for hours - mile after mile of simpering self-pitying mumbling, punctuated by cigarettes - until we round the final bend, and there it is! The checkpoint, manned by our own Pl Comd (top man).

    Instantly, we perk up and tab smartly into location, with the floppie instantly dumping his fag into a puddle and 'switching on' - if nothing else, they learned the art of 'DS watching' very early.

    As a smart body of soldiers, we head down the road, bergans nearly dragging us over backwards, until we spy the final horror - the sickener to end all sickeners - there is a fence between us and the chance to remove bergans and grab a quick brew, cos our boss is a good bloke and he'll let us grab 5.

    Everyone rolls under the fence, bergans making narry a sound, and the whole section is across.

    Less the floppie.

    Does he display a bit of coursemanship? Does he fcuk - he takes a hold of the wire and starts forcing himself through. He then realises the fence is electrified, and it's passing over his genitals.

    Cue floppie twitching uncontrollably in complete confusion - 'Sir, Sir - the wire - it burns!'

    It goes without saying that section morale improved immeasurably, and the rest of LONG REACH went just swimmingly.

    Enjoy! :D
  8. I was part of a winning team years ago (95) so my memory is a little rusty (like the "silver" tankard the wnakers gave us). Trick is not to fcuk your navigation and dont bother with sleep (if this is allowed these days). Give balls out with bags of aggression on all the physical stands. Carry the absolute minimum of kit (as little as the DS will allow you). You do not time to use any gucci kit (apart from brew kit. see below), nor do you need it.

    Take loads of chocolate and dextrose tablets (and I mean loads) as well as brew kit. If you have a light gas burner that can boil water quickly then take that: a hot brew for the team at/near one of the stands is as good as a 2hr kip. Take some silver foil to make a windshield and a lid for your messtin: saves valuable time and gas while brewing. Drink all brews sweet and milky (condensed milk in tubes is ideal).

    When tabbing wear only a 't' shirt under your smock. Tab fast enough to keep warm. If you feel cold wear gloves and a wooly hat before you try on a fleece: you loose most of your heat energy through your head and your hands, thus when you feel cold you do not need to put on extra layers (you will get sweaty and they will get wet through sweat and be less effective when you need them). If it stops raining (normally it starts raining as you cross the Severn Bridge and stops when you cross the other way) then make everyone take off their waterproofs (despite it being goretex, sweat will still build up inside). When you have a brew stop (we had one every 90-120mins) do not let people mong: sort out admin, change socks, apply talc powder to feet, balls, etc. Check nav and make sure everyone knows where they are and where they are going.

    As you approach each task location, stop for a minute, discuss what each of you will do during the task (if you know the task) and sort out personal admin. Then go in and give 100%. Make sure all team members play the game properly. If you are making a howler then they should give you advice (listen to it, and if rejecting it take 10 seconds to tell them why). Noone else should try and take over from the team/task leader (only cnuts do this). As you approach a stand try and look professional and be a team: not Dad's Army having a feud. Leave in the same way. Do not agonise about how you did as you leave a task: concentrate on the next one (but dont repeat any mistakes).

    Even if it is cold and wet make sure you and your team keep drinking brews and also water. Always replen your water whenever you can. Cannot emphasise enough navigation skills: the region is easy with good visibility, but do not get slack as the weather can close in within 30 seconds and leave you wandering like a muppet (and your team will hate you).

    Apart from that, take it as you find it. I had snow and rain for half of it, the rest was a cold wind (useful for drying you out). Oh yes: make sure you mark your map correctly: we had a mong team wandering round and round looking for a task 2km north of their actual loc.

    It was for me one of the most fun exercises as RMAS. Enjoy.
  9. I think 'D' is the layby. Don't listen to the shouting - take 5 minutes to get your bearings - so worthwhile while you have a chance! Once you've pinged your first checkpoint, reach the correct elevation, and start contouring - if you persist in going up and down, you will fcuk yourself before you're halfway round.

    When you must, always run downhill - yes, it's about as tactical as carrying a bag full of whoopee cushions on permanent send - but it'll give your shins a chance to cool off, to say nothing of making up huge amounts of time, which you wil need when you are on the final tab home - it goes on for ever.

    There's water fcukin everywhere, so keep an eye on your blokes, and make shure they drink. We had one chap who wouldn't drink cos he was worried he wouldn't find any more. Fool.

    Make shure the smokers take tons of fags - and let them puff away in slack moments. Everyone will want a break.

    Finally - the classic. Remain engaged with it, and try to see the humorous side of being pi$$ wet through at 0300hrs on a road in Wales with a load of top blokes, all of whom are just as wet and cheesed off. Our section got told off for being 'too jovial' by a member of DS - that's what you want - and we came third!

    I think we carried 80lb on it, and covered just over 50 miles, with stands every 8 miles or so. No idea what it entails now, but good luck all the same!
  10. Dread - excellent advice! :D
  11. So you have been with me on a night recce patrol?
  12. The Swede: don't know when you did Long Reach, but the most recent lot to commission (Aug 12th) did theirs in week 6.
  13. Best bit of advice I ever heard - have some pride and don't end up as one of the 'soft shoe wearing legion' who hobble around RMAS for about 2 weeks after the event.
  14. Am with everything that Dread and D_D said. If you are allowed, try to crack throught. That's what we did in 2000 and we won. At the end, got 9 hours solid sleep which was much more important!

    Take loads of Haribo and Wine Guns - one of each per man. Take brew breaks - v important. Drag the Floopie around - as D_D said good for morale!

    Went to get the tankard in front of the intake and none of us could walk - class!!!

  15. Do what you can to tape up your feet beforehand. Make sure the toenails are cut (sad, but by fcuk it makes a difference). If you can get away with it, wear an extra pair of socks (thin ones) to try to prevent any hot areas or blisters. Take blister kit and plenty of talcum powder. And if you get the chance in the first half of the ex, get the boots off and put some powder on. :) :)

    Do what you can to push on through and don't take the option of the 4 hrs mandatory rest if you have the opportunity of finishing the course inside of the 24hrs (or whatever it is) as there is plenty of sleep to be had once you've finished and it's all the more sweeter as, when you wake up you'll still here the other groups whining and moaning on their way to the finish line. :D :D

    Agree with others above, take chocolate, wine gums anything that will be a morale boost at 3 in the morning when you are flagging.

    Most of all, take a bu55-load of pressonitus with you so that you can keep yourself and the team going.

    Enjoy! i did (i think i might have been on with dread in 95, as we only came 2nd 9although inside of the 24 hrs))