Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Pieeater, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how I go about applying fo Long Look. I'm after trying New zealand out primarily but not sure if it's just Australia. No-one at my gaffe seems to know anything about it or who to speak to. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. There should be a DIN or DCI out on it. Hold on... *goes to look*

    ****ing Defence Intranet! ****ing useless search engine!!

    Oh, for the days when every DCI ever published could be found on one page...

    Best bet is to go up the chain of command until you find someone who knows what he's talking about. Sorry.

  3. Speak to your Adj.
  4. Not sure if that'll help: I was an Adjt and I knew nothing about it until someone phoned me looking for volunteers.

    Of course, that might be the standard route.

  5. One of my mates is doing it and we have an OZ Officer with us at the moment. I'll get the details for ya in a few days. I'm on a long weekend :)
  6. It comes out on a DCI around January time. The excercise its self runs from about April-September each year and it happens in both Australia and New Zealand.Simply fill in the application and send it off. Do not be put off by people who will tell you that only the Officers get it, this is simply not true.
    By the way do the Oz thing, you'll not have a better excercise ever!! Best of luck with it.
  7. Did I see an Aussie webpage about the nominations being handled in Australia and in the UK in alternate years, and that the UK will be nominating for 2006? Apologies if this is disinformation, but I am sure I came across something to that effect while researching something else (that's right - forces voting MMMMMM)

    Good luck, I have known people who seemed to get a lot out of it. Most were SNCOs, rank range might be Sgt to Capt?
  8. Exercise LONG LOOK,is an annual reciprocal exchange between Junior Officers and SNCOs of Australia and New Zealand with the Armed Forces of the UK not just the Army. I believe the same number of personnel from each country exchange posts each year. Thats how it was done in the 70's to early 90's anyway.
  9. Thanks Mike, my understanding (from years ago) was same as yours, that it operated in both directions annually, I just thought I should mention what I came across while sounding appropriate note of caution. Thanks again.

    PS and yes it is definitely tri-service as you rightly state.
  10. You can go on it as a JNCO as well, my mate did it a couple of years ago, said it was ok.
  11. It's still much the same system. I had 2 of my soldiers go out over the last 2 years - 1 SNCO and 1 JNCO.

    Edited to add:

    I didn't see it on DCI's (or DINs as they are now known), it came down through the chain of command asking for volunteers. I think this was because the exchange is in specific trades. I seem to remember that there is a Section in the Army Training News (?) which lists all exchange posts, but I cannot remember if Ex Long Look is included.
  12. I seem to remember some RAEME VM L/Cpls at Borden at one time, as well as RAAOC Cpl AT's at Kineton
    So JNCO must be included as well? But I have never heard of a Private doing it.

    So maybe change SNCOs to NCOs? Not really sure......
  13. our old tp staffy went last year and said it was amazing,he was selected in the following manner

    2ic:ah staff fancy going on long look?



    now thats fast balling,needless to say he was chuffed but his doris had a few choice words!