Ex Long Look

I fancy a bit of a holiday at the Government's expense

Does Long Look still exist? - and more to the point did it ever exist? The nearest I ever got too it was a p1ssed up Ozzy full screw telling lies, as I knew Ozzies were all p1ssed up liars the cross-cultural experience left me a little disappointed.

Perhaps you were the person who was chosen from the hat to get p1ssed up and tell lies to the antipodeans??
I think we should know
Yes it does still exist:

POC for Long Look 2003 is Wendy Smith at Training Branch HQ Land on Wilton Military (94331) 3989

I've been offered a tour several times but can't be arssed...... ::) :p
Get on it if you can extra cash cheap living and fits babes and the Aussies treat us better than we treat the ones who come over here.


Well worth a look,
Excellent way to see the place and letting HM pick up the bill.

Great people,
very chilled out Army,
cold beer,
good looking women.....great diving.....(SCUBA)



two blokes from my old unit went on long look with 3 RAR (the aussie equivilent of Para Reg) they did a week exercise, did a couple of jumps and then were promptly issued a car and a fuel card and told "see ya in eight weeks..."

they did consider posting back their mod 90's back to us from bondi but did eventually come back...suckers
We've had a few Aussies and Kiwis posted to ours, and they get treated as though they are our own......As opposed to the guys that have gone over there and emailed back pics of themselves with Jonah Lomu, stories of freebie hire cars, barbies, hardly any work on, etc etc.
Nice for us not to get a raw deal for a change
Very true we treat the exchagees as we would are own so we arrse them around for a bit and give them a long weekend to go see Big Ben

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