Ex LONG LOOK pay and allowances


Does anybody have an idea of the current LOA and other allowance rates for personnel on the Long Look exchange? I am told that field conditions have been granted as well as LSSA.

If my parent unit is in BFG and I go on Long Look do I receive residual LOA for Germany as well as LOA for Australia?

What is LOA for Oz?
LOA is dependent on rank, and not sure whether you would be on full, temp duty or exercise rates (nothing like keeping it simple). Ex Rates for a Sgt = £4.30, Temp duty rates = £6.45 and full rates = £8.60. If you PM your rank I will give you the relevant rates. The joining instructions should tell you which rates are applicable for the trip.

Residual LOA stays for the whole tour I think, but you will need to check that up.

By the way - how the fcuk did you land Ex Long Look? I have been trying for years and never got a sniff!
I'm a lucky bastard I did two longlooks ...

One in Plymouth and one near London - had a ball - never did get used to the lunch time swill in London though.

Where are you going in Aust?

Just to dampen your enthusiasm most of our field force units are now based in remote areas like Darwin and Townsville.

Small towns overrun with diggers - ferkin hot and humid - think Malaysia with training areas covered in nasty bity insects, crocodiles, VERY poisonous snakes and death dealing jelly fish ...

Cheers .... he he he
What do you want to know about allowances on Long Look for, I'd pay the Army for the priviledge of going on it!

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