EX lionstar cyprus

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Just come back from a 2 week battle camp in cyprus, a mix 3pwrr and 7 rifles. The training of DIE from the last 18 months has overshadowed the typical TA infanteer going on ops straight out of training. Cyprus was an eye opener for me as doing fireteam, section and platoon attacks live with CASEVAC at the end in mid day heat was tiring to say the least. Unfortunatly we had a soldier fly back to the UK as a heat casualty. People not used to the heat were going man down and being downgraded, being downgraded means non deployable.

    All lessons taught were of a high standard thanks to the RMP,Royal marines and DS from both PWRR/RIFLES.

    All in all i have a nice tan but still dont get the rifles bayonet vs sword argument
  2. I'm glad it went well and now you have a set of deserts that can sit in the loft. So our you the new voice for OP H 15 training as BB has had to pull out. Cheers S n O
  3. He had to pull out?. Yeah deserts are now in a box, i dont know what to do with them. I just thought ex lionstar needed a mention, im sure others thought it was pump
  4. He didn't have to, but he saw a way out when some blerk posted about how he was binned for being too old. B_B cut, pasted and fabloned the post and now uses it as a get out of Herrick free card.

    Wear them at your TAC to impress the seniors.
  5. HA i wondered why you werent on the exercise B_B its normally your cup of tea. Guess you wont be at sennybridge to give me a hard time.

    Anyway if there are any arrsers on here who went, what did you think?
  6. the_creature,

    Is Lionstar the TA version of LionSun out there? I was on a LionSun many moons ago, the mention of the beach landing in "Pull Up a Sandbag" was during our time there, do they still take you out of the Troudos Mountains by helicopter once you get to the top and then your final day and night is by LC to a beach where you attack up a fcuk off hill prior to a final dawn attack on the enemy who you jealously observe throughout the night having their End of Ex BBQ down below! it was a good 6 weeks in Cyprus in the days when Nipple Beach wasn't yet out of bounds.
  7. The guys who are not deploying to HERRICK actually did some of these things, the royal marines had a Big beach landing exercise with our boys as enemy, So our lads dug in, sandbag positions along the beach cliffs with GPMGS and barbed wire and lots of ammo, cue royal marines working there bollocks off to take them on. sounded like a good time for them, Lionstar for the guys deploying was more confirmation training, planting mock IEDS for us to find or not find with the Valoon during OP Bamer drills and VP360, Patrols and CASEVAC drills. its was all Afghan orientated.

    Mind you on the weekend Ayia Napa beach wasn't out of bounds but the main square was, I went to Larnaca myself and loved it.
  8. Exactly so; luckily for me, I was able to change my date of birth.
  9. I was asked to go as DS but could not as I was trying to keep my employer happy prior to mobilising. ( sigh )

    Don't worry, I know most of the DS :)

    Enjoy the Battle Camp; I think its pretty much what you've been doing in Cyrus but with rain rather than heat.
  10. I did Ex LionSun in 86. Based from Bloodhound Camp stuck right in the middle of ******* no-where but near the beach and with it's own chogie ("eggy burger sah") . It was three or four weeks IIR? A range package with SLR, LMG, grenades and live fire drills etc. Adventure training at tunnel beach for water sports then up to Trudos for running around and then as mentioned a final exercise with wessex helicpopters and one of the big **** off landing craft which lived out there, this was cut short due to a heat wave resulting in extended R&R and some fuzzy but happy memories of Pathos.
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  11. That's the one mate, it was 88 for us and you've just brought back memories of the Chogie shop with the egg burgers! (cheers for that, I can taste them now!) and it was Bloodhound, Tunnel Beach and everything else mentioned was all part of the package, rock climbing looking down on the Green Valley I think they called it?! practicing the beach landings first before the big Ex and Pepper Potting up the beach in between stunning chicks with their baps on display : ) we had R&R at Ayia Napa and managed to clear the entire Nipple Beach of civvies one afternoon after taking over the bar on the beach and playing various 'games' - 'Names of' 'Fizz, Buzz, Bang' 'Bunnies' etc. 20 Sappers after 4 hours playing bar games using Aphrodite Wine and Keo Brandy as the punishments does not make for a very pretty sight on the beach!
  12. Happy days and we got paid for it. I'd forgotten about keo brandy, brandy sour's mmmmmmmmm. We did it almost straight off the back of an Op Banner tour so it was a double bonus for us. I seem to recall a taverna down on the beach below Bloodhound?
  13. Lionsun was good - I think it was 4 weeks in the 90's, mainly an inf ex for non-inf troops, but we had a few wooden tops with us to help out! Chopper to Troudos? back of a bloody 4 tonner in our case! We did have the up most privelige of the RAF flying us 10 miles across the training area, just to spend the next day tabbing it back which took about 10 hours due to the shite mountain terrain!
    Remember the local binmen wearing NBC jackets and trousers while doing the rubbish!
  14. Just quoted on your JLRRA post, we obviously know eachother, I was on the 86 Lionsun with 7 RHA. Bdr "Lavvy" ring any bells? Remember ABF Day when we were forced into Cypriot "Bus-surfing"?!

    Edit: I was the twat who had fist-sized Plasma-blisters all over his body after RnR in Aiya Nappa!
  15. My lot went in 2000, and had 3 days off for a mini cruise to either egypt or israel