Ex Lightning Strike

we're having a 'mare trying to get a team together for this would you believe.
its clashing with MTQ2 and cambrian training and scottish rover driving comp so hopefully hopefully we'll have a full one come the weekend.

after last years, im well up for this as well! bring on the log run!

i wonder if silly salute will be back?

much better than last year's, weather was finer and southampton didnt win! hahah!

and of course a quality night in the mess after a crackin dinner.

i think the one i remember most fondly was the log run. it was a bitch but i genuinely enjoyed it, and it was frigin funny seeing guys trip into the waist high puddles - especially one of the paras themselves - completely submerged! shit i was in stitches running with that log, for the physical effort and laughter! and ive come away with an absolute beast of a gash on my arm due to falling on the road when carrying the log on the first stretch. didnt get my hand out of the loop so got dragged for a bit of it too! haha

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