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same sort of questions as the REME weekend topic-anyone done this weekend, what happens, is it any good, etc etc
Apparently theres a good piss up on the Saturday... someone ended up in Reading last year... then again it was Blanford so they could have done the runner sober.

We got briefed on this the other day, endurance race and putting up masts seems to be the bulk of it. Could be a good laugh if you don't mind being shown up by EUOTC... gawd bless 'em
Its a round robin style comp on the sat with stand/events provided by various R Sigs units...some are kinda role related.
so you have for example
Para-log race/stretcher run
39 Bde - NI stand
14 Sigs -EW
21 Sigs -Air suport
ends with a final race
and then off to Blandford for a black tie piss up
then bugger off home on the sunday
I did it in my time and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact I'd say it was one of the best weekends of the training year and a good laugh. Everyone seems up for it, and towarsd the end of the day we had a few team races with a bit of "hurry up and wait" involved we started playing "team steals". Someone from BUOTC persuaded a Col to part with his rank slides in exchange for Ocdt's. Our WO2 (being well known to DSigs) and I persuaded him to part with his and I believe ULOTC Sigs Troop may still have a pair of Brig rank slides floatnig around somewhere :D

The dinner/drinking at Blandford afterwards is a good night out and the Sigs laid on the band for the dinner and a disco afterwards.

Hopefully they still see the value in these events and continue to make them worthwhile.
cheers-sounds like it should be a good worthwhile weekend.I'd put in for it not knowing exactly what was involved!lol even if it had turned out to be shit it was going to help pay for uganda
Expect a lot of stand training involving first aid (we had a landy that was smashed up against a tree with a sigs bloke made up to look like something from the set of Casualty), a stretcher race, some E&E with the SAS, a sigs DF Ex in a CP rigged with lots of kit, a timed slalom race in a Warrior, that sort of stuff with huge PISSEX at the end of the day. Sunday a bit of admin and break camp about 12.
Surely the first aid cant be impossible-not with these "read the instructions" type first aid aide memoires we have!Definately looks like a worthwhile weekend,only thing i aint looking forward to is the drive down!
Well worth going on, if only for the Corps band that played at the dinner night. Who knew that you could litteraly turn a kitchen sink into a wind instrument!
I thought it was ace when they played the watering can to start. Then the nutter whipped out a toilet and a bin ffs! What an ace night
custard_war said:
I thought it was ace when they played the watering can to start. Then the nutter whipped out a toilet and a bin ffs! What an ace night
I know a lot of RSigs subbies try and get in on that night as "hosts" it's such a good laugh.

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