Ex-Lib Dem Candidate In Tuition Fees Scam

Video: Former Liberal Democrat Candidate Dr Vincent McKee Caught For Defrauding Students Again | UK News | Sky News
A former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate has been caught defrauding students out of tuition fees again, a Sky News investigation can reveal.

Dr Vincent McKee was implicated in January after students booking tuition sessions through him claimed he had taken unauthorised payments from their bank accounts totalling £5,000.

The 52-year-old university lecturer and school governor was immediately suspended from the Lib Dem party pending an investigation.

Sky has now learned of 40 more students who claim to have had money taken by McKee, totalling £31,571.

Sky also discovered McKee has changed the name of his tutor agency from the Institute of Colleges and University Teachers (ICUT), to University and Academy Tutors (UAT). He also now calls himself Patrick Murray.

Posing as students, Sky booked two hours of lessons with UAT for an agreed fee of £60.

But McKee later took unauthorised amounts from our account of £188 before we cancelled the card. UAT was also unable to supply a tutor.

Clients of McKee have expressed astonishment he is continuing to trade even though Coventry Trading Standards were aware of his activities a year ago.

Despite Sky's first report and the fact he has five unpaid County Court judgements against him totalling £4,055, it is believed Worldpay continue to process credit card payments for McKee.

Worldpay refused to comment when approached by Sky.

McKee's victims also say their banks are refusing to help, despite claiming to have a policy of reimbursing customers when transactions are disputed.

Belinda Whitely booked tuition lessons through ICUT for her son and when McKee removed an extra £913 from her account, she immediately contacted NatWest.

But Ms Whiteley said NatWest claimed she was to blame because she gave McKee her card details.

NatWest refused to refund the money and Ms Whiteley had to fund her own claim in court against McKee.

NatWest later told Sky that refunds are agreed on a case-by-case basis and they are now looking into ICUT cases as a matter of urgency.

Diane Moore booked tuition lessons for her daughter Stacey. When McKee allegedly took an extra £450 from Ms Moore's Lloyds Bank account without authorisation, she claims Lloyds refused to help.

She said: "Customer service told me they wouldn't reimburse me. When I asked why, they said, 'It's your own fault for accessing stuff off the internet.'

"Even when I went to see my branch manager and the regional manager and told them I pay card insurance of £12 per month, they still refused to help. I'm disgusted with Lloyds and closing my account."

Lloyds have now apologised to Ms Moore and offered her a refund.

West Midlands Police have told Sky they are unable to take action against McKee unless Coventry Trading Standards suggest there has been criminal activity.

Trading Standards claim they are still investigating ICUT and UAT and are unable to comment.

McKee also refused to comment when confronted by Sky reporters outside UAT offices in Coventry.
Maybe ICUT/UAT couldn't provide a tutor as Whet/Sven etc was asleep?

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