Ex KRH, thinking of re-joining

Discussion in 'RAC' started by cheeseroller, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Left the KRH as a crewman in early 2003, just before NI tour, since then ive gone on to study engineering, up to HND mechatronics, and ive done ok in civvie street, travelling the world for work, and earning a bloody good wage, but i miss the crack, and the whole lifestyle.

    thing is, i dont want to go back to then KRH, as my mates are all cpls/sgts now, and 3 of my old mates are training cpls in winchester, so would rather avoid them like the plague!

    not sure how ill cope with the drop in pay, and if it would really be worth going back, just to find its fackin shyte

    anyone give me a heads up on the current situation with the other heavy cav, where they are now posted, upcoming tours etc

  2. SDG Still in Fallingbostel and will be for ever
    2 RTR next door to KRH in Tiddles, share tank park, QM,s, MT in fact share everything so you can count that out if you dont want to bump into your mates.
    QRH in Sennelager
    RDG in Catterick.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Have you thought about the TA?

    Same crack, extra pay and tours when you want?

  4. Thats true, and if cheese roller is the cheese rolling down Coppers Hill then your nearest lot is RWxY in Cirencester. They are, however staffed by the KRH so that might not suit either.
  5. RWxY are quite good, when I living in bushes the other recce element had some attached to them. I was impressed.
  6. I can definitely recommend having a look at the RWxY. The opportunity to go on ops with your old Regiment, to enjoy a bit of banter on a Wednesday night and get a bit chilly on the weekends, while still getting the benefits of a civvy pay package!

    The website has been updated quite recently: