Ex-KGB analyst says US will collapse — next year

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090304/ap_on_re_eu/eu_russia_us_the_end_is_near;_ylt=AhlrPLVJrH4aTkYEKm6seTBw24cA

    Such an idiot.
  2. Lot of truth there..
  3. They've been saying this for years though haven't they? I remember seeing a spookily similar commentary some 4 years ago now. A case of wishful thinking perhaps?
  4. This is very rich coming from a country which has itself already collapsed. :!: Has it ever occured to anyone that the K.G.B analyst has been told to say this by his boss ? ----------- Victor pratt. (they still love playing political chess with the west) Their women are tasty. They arnt a bad bunch really ! :D :D
  5. The problem with Russian birds is they start like this,


    and end up like this

  6. One swallow does not a summer make. Sure, they're up shit-creek - so are the rest of us. But there's still a lot of self-interest for the various groups in staying together and a great deal of apathy in the groups that don't have it. So what if it becomes a Spanish-speaking nation in 20 years? It'll still be America, God help us.

    The worst that will happen is that the world changes.
  7. The funny thing is, it's the other way round after a few swallies in the NAAFI Bop. :D
  8. He might be right.
    Didn't take the British Empire long to disappear down the tubes way back when, did it?
    If this "global" financial downturn is as severe as people keep telling us it is then the effects may be quite dramatic.
    I don't buy into the States breaking apart but complete financial meltdown and the USA loosing its influence around the world isn't that big a leap to make
  9. Sorry mate, but that's a huge leap. Britain had a population of something like 30 million when the Empire started to go down the swanee. The USA has 305 million. It's a different ballgame. 305 million people will always have an influence.
    The USA will change (which country doesn't?) but it'll never collapse to the point of being a second world nation, like Russia did. There's too much money there.
  10. The 237 million people of Indonesia have such a huge say in the world :?
  11. No, but they're not as wealthy as The USA, too much foreign debt is in Dollars for anyone to allow the USA to fail.
  12. So you agree it's just not population size that counts.
  13. 305 Million poor people, no, 305 million poor people all with guns using a currency that the international market in oil is based on, yes.
  14. I certainly agree that it's not just population size that counts. It's a fair point.

    I was oversimplifying maybe, so shall we go into GDP? The USA has such a massive population, that earns so much, that produces so much, that owns so much, that owes so much....

    It is of course more complicated than mere population count. I was just using pop to make a simplified point. It's a massive country in EVERY sense of the word.