Ex Keystone 79



Whilst I appreciate that there is a specific forum allocated for links like the one I'm about to post, so I might attract some flak for this, I was wavering between posting in Old & Bold or RAC, because it is pertinent to both. I settled on the former, because although the clip is rife with Chieftains, FV432, Gazelle, Lynx and F104 all feature too.

I found this as a follow on to a link posted by old bloke in the http://www.arrse.co.uk/lamp-sandbag-ii-tall-story-strikes-back/169370-where-did-you-learn-drive.html thread. Evocative footage of an archetypal BAOR autumn FTX - anyone care to have a crack at ID of which Type 57 Armd Regt is at play here?

Keystone 79 - YouTube

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