Ex Kent Dc Ivan Esack well sentenced Judge Byers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Ivan Esack: former policeman jailed for life over estranged wife's murder - Telegraph

    Now is the time for new Kent PCC Ann Barnes JP to consider AGAIN the Police Act requirements to maintain fitness to serve.

    Was ESACK screened for anabolic steroid abuse ? Was he properly medically screened ?

    Such matters appear to have been swept under the carpet after the PC Hill (Self styled "Thanet Street Warrior") case of breaking the neck of a handcuffed prisoner. After the family murder and suicide by Pc Bluestone. In spite of correspondence from Judges and Coroners.

    There is a joke doing the rounds of Kent pubs:

    It appears that the Chief constable has introduced group therapy sessions for his force of self admirers (narcissistic personality disorders as most recently exhibited by Esack) and indeed that an Arrse thread has featured such a recent psychobabble session during which the Plods issued each other various certificates of merit.

    Joke doing rounds of Kent pubs:

    The Chief constable appears to have received a posted copy of the newspaper report about the plod self praise certificates of merit session. Smeared in excrement.

    "Who has wiped their arse on the report about my officers' mutual admiration ceremony", thundered Chiefie.

    So DNA tests were ordered and the forensic test results were duly reported.

    "Chief constable We have to report that the fecal smears shew DNA results to a certainty as belonging to yourself and a number of senior officers. We can only conclude that the newspaper report featured widespread Kent Senior Police shit".
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    I must have lost my sense of humour.
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  3. Was he a Police officer when he did this?.
  4. . . for you to die horribly, you dull repetative ****!
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  5. What the **** is a cheese and onion slice doing amongst my steak and kidneys and what are Kent police doing about that?
  6. Wordsmith

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  7. We know…
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  8. Patient: Doctor, DoctorI think I'm a bridge?

    Doc: What's come over you?

    Patient: Oh, it's was all Kent Constabulary's fault. They're all corrupt and useless. The chief constable is . .. ad nauseam :sleepy:

    Boom tish!! ♫
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  9. I want the girl with the microphone in cernunnos' sig block to slap me around a bit before doing nasty sex things to me. Is that wrong?
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  10. Wordsmith

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    BounceBanana - found somewhere in the dictionary between bollocks and bullshit....

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  11. I bet I could go in every Kent pub and NOT hear that 'joke'.
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  12. Just had a cracking soup, Fully loaded lentil and Bean from the New York Soup Co spicy and filling, it was a hard choice between that and the reggae reggae vegetable hot pot.
  13. Wrong, no, naughty, perhaps, cheap, no!
  14. That should put a shine on your shit!
  15. It will probably make me shit, bit like BB's posts really.