Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Cow, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    Anyone else lucky to have the pleasure of what promises to be another lovely big fcuk up?
  2. ooooohhh YES!
  3. oooooooooh yes, me and big bad jimmy are currently on LP 04 'The first instalment of JV', and a fine one it's turning out to be. We've only been here 48 hours and what a ...............oh well.
  4. You may find Cougar that the fact its turning out to be an ........oh well, has alot to do with Big Bad Jimmy's proximity to it :wink:

  5. Hello Pot, this is kettle, colour check over.....
    What do they say about people in glass houses and stones Boney??
  6. I'm looking forward to a few long months ahead. Deep joy. Hopefully hilarious extended interaction with the PJHQ staff officers will retain its magic.
  7. Hmmm me too! will be fun I reckon...maybe not then cos we all know it will be wnak!
  8. who's enjoyed it so far? tents inside portakabins inside marquees inside hangars...oh well it's very bizarre anyway.

    nice one to all the mechs and geeks - working like trojans so far.
  9. As one of the aforementioned "geeks" who has not deployed yet, I am finding difficulty in defining my job.......all the main work is being done by the big 2, and we are (excusing the expression) hanging off of a server, also administered by 2. (who do a fine job...btw)
    Aparrently it is "ideal training" to put us there as a headquarter specific help desk, effectively lenghthening the fault reporting chain, therefore slowing down the fault rectification time.......
    As the great Dr Johnson said, "It is like fitting wheels to a tomato, time consuming and utterly pointless"
    Whatever happened to "Equip the man, not man the equipment" Are all these lessons taught on various management courses throughout ones career either forgotten, or deemed obsolete once one has earned the honour of progression up to the higher echelons of command??
    Or is it just a case of "I am there, and so shall you be!"
    Whinge over, for now anyway.
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Well, people in SC seem to be having fun, 3 sessions of PT and no time to get the shifts through scoff.... as if we expected it to be different. Best rumor so far: Big 2's MTO wont let the lads have transport to go do their washing but will use the MT vehs for his shopping.... fairness in that?
  11. Sounds like the type of carp that is thrived upon nowadays, double standards are becoming standard (Only if it enhances ones CR, you understand)
    I cant wait to deploy.
    We shouldnt really expect any different, should we now?
  12. Give it a chance BBJP, you know your going to love every minute. Besides, saves doing any laundry, just take some febreez, the poor mans dry cleaning :)

  13. NO WAY man!
    I was on (Chocolate) Log provider....and it was most certainly a "Log" exercise!
    Looking forward to more adventures of a joint kind on the said exercise....There is no doubt that it will mainly be "log" too!
    I hope theres a bar, that might make up for us missing all of our silly season, and mess lash-ups.
  14. Well thank god for that...its finally over; and did we learn anything that we did not learn years ago...unfortunately not.
    It was most certainly another waste of time and oodles of money, but hey.....we bought eurofighter too.
    The only redeeming features were the Corps reunion going on down at SC and the town of Cirencester, as well as getting to know the odd individual present on this forum.
    Cant wait for JV05......Ill be there unless I can find a watertight reason not to be....
  15. Likewise big man. See you on the next one!