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after some messing about in the past few months we have a new website up and running for all ex boys having served at Old Park Barracks Malta Barracks or any other boy service for the Royal Engineers. The association is only as good as its' members and we need new blood to keep us going. We are dur to have our 10TH anniversary REunion in Dover in October next year which promises to be superb - some ofthe RE band will be there and we have a number of rooms at the Churchill Hotel on the seafront. The do's are always quite an informal affair with plenty of ale sunk and the lamps are well and truly swung.Don't just dismiss it as a load of old crusties on the p*ss, it's more than that, give it a look and grab hold of old oppos to come along- the more the merrier.


you'all be welcome. Whatever your experiences, good or not so good, time spent as a Junior Bleeder probably helped make you the weirdo you are today.
I always thought Tom Graham's (the Founder) website was really good although I see it is totally member only now! it was a lot better looking than the current one you have mentioned above unless of course you have lots of ideas in the pipeline? what was wrong with the original Website?

Agreed Gundulph, the previous site was good, but there have been some monumental changes, some good, some not so good over the last months, resulting in a quick fix which seems to be working although it's not as pretty...Tom has resigned from the Branch although he is always welcome and remains a life member.

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