Ex Junior Leaders Association


Gentlemen, if you weren't already aware, you ex Junior bleeders and ex Boy sqn lads have your own association, a branch of the REA dedicated to ex Old Park Barracks/malta barracks and Boy squadron ex members.


is the link.. £10 is all you need to join, this is £7.50 annual subs and £2.50 towards our TAFF (tenth anniversary fun fund). This entitles you to access to the website, eligibility for the annual "do" at Dover and a copy of our newsletter "Old Parky". We have our own standard which goes to the Freedom of the City of Ripon parade each year, and also to the annual drumhead service at what was the old "Kremlin" at old Park, now the Dover harbour Board. Plenty old old names and faces, and we exist to keep alive the memory of boy service and keep old boys in contact with each other.

Once a Sapper, always a Sapper.

have a look, join up and swing the lamp in the time honoured way!

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