Ex Jldrs Shorncliffe 84-90

I took my son to an intro to adventure training weekend with the Army cadet force over the weekend and what are the odds of the instructor being the same person who taught me back in 1984.

Even though it was an awful day the kids enjoyed it and this guy showed he was as Enthusiastic today as he was back then, So if the Army thinks about reopening IJLB I know were theres a civi Adventure training instructor who you need to enploy.

I dont know what regt he was in (allways in a wetsuit,training kit) when we went down to Crickhowell but know he was a CPL, scars on his face,and was there in between 84-89 as he took my taught my brother to ski in 89

Anyone any ideas (I think he was one of the P coy Regiments )

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