Ex Iron Hammer 3 div 1988


any one remember this exercise in late 88?? was my first exercise in the sunny climates of minus 15 , sure my feet are still suffering now! funny as fook with the dutch as the "baddies" . lunatic cloggie chasing my 110 on a resup while he was in a panzer haha. could almost see the stema coming out of his ears until we bumped into a monkey patrol waving him down before he trashed the town! nutter!
I remember this one. Was a tadge cool but at least the mud froze. Spent my time attached (from 211 Sigs) to the Div HQ in Hoxter. Even ran across the RSM call Rick L******. He got upset 'cos I asked for his ID prior to letting him in the barn.


was that the razzer that got sacked cos he couldnt pass his BFT? our oc turned up to our loc with a pushbike in his rover and fell off it into a bush the no b end


Remember it well, 3 weeks in that fukcing stinking farmyard. My SAS/MC was basically a huge fridge it was that cold. My how we laughed on the way to the krakenhaus with hypothermia.
I remember it well.

Cold, total waste of POL and manhours with lots of disorganisation thrown in for good measure.

My unit had location moves that must have been thought up by the div brig whilst on crack. Totally unsuitable locstats and support.

However it was a prime example of do it in exercise rather than in war. Good move there!

We nicknamed it Ex rubber Mallet and we had troop toe counts each morning


A platoon of paras was tasked to take a "village" when an umpire said they couldnt go over the bridge as had been destroyed. so the feckers stripped off and swam it! it was gibbering!
troop staffie caught me marching up and down a hill for two hours , 2 in the morning so sent me sick thinking i had hyperthermia haha.
Seem to recall being on this one as part of 14 Sigs (sticking it's nose in everywhere as usual!).
Froze my t**s off in the back of a rover, YofS screaming about comms (nobber), when our distant end was on the other side of this great big effing hill - only Ae combination that would work was ground wave, but like all Yeoman at the time, obsessed with Sky Wave Ae's - dipoles or nothing.
I remember stagging on wearing about 18 layers, including my NBC suite - god knows what I would have done if I needed to leg it - an amusing wobble more like.
Still, better than getting my arse shot off in southern Iraq/Afganistan - keep your heads down lads.


Oh yes, remember it well. As usual with Rebro's we deployed 3 weeks before everybody else and came back after!! 6 weeks and only moving once. It's amazing the sort of palace you can build when you have 3 C/S co-located on the top of a place that was colder then Everest.
How can I forget that b***td I was on frigging OPs, dug our hole stuck the thermometer in, came up -20 and we fecked off back to the 432 to mount the OP from the commanders hatch

Also a week in a sports platz with kids swarming round you all day was a joy as well

What made me doublly happy was the unit boxing team came over the Germany and spent the exercise in Menden using 50 missiles facsilities


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