Ex-International Player sued for incident on pitch in 2002!

Just got a report via the BBC's website that former international hooker Phil Greening has to pay out £29,000 worth of damages to French winger Aurelien Rougerie.

This due to Greening giving him the old bosh in the form of a hand off during a game when Wasps played Clermont-Ferrand in 2002. A civil case insued because Rougerie required three operations due to throat damage.

Will this open the flood gates? Or will we see more pads or less contact?

And should Greening himself cough up or his club? And with the new RFU-Club agreement if this happens again in the future would the RFU foot the bill?

Bear in mind this did not stop Rougerie's career, he was playig in the recent RWC.

Don't get me wrong eye gouging, punching, etc should be punished severely but hand offs are part and parcel of the game. If you read the BBC's report of the Gloucester Osprey's game from last night Sonny Parker scored after 'two percussive hand offs'. That sounds like who was reporting heard them from the back of the stand!!

FFS its not kissball!! :twisted:
club insurance will cover it...all pro players have substantial insurance as part of their salary and benefits....

it won't affect the game
Ah but if is the first or many many claims, the insurance will go up and that cost will be passed onto the fans via ticket, programmes and clothing.
Player should sign a 'volenti non fit injuria' clause in the contract. (basically if the persons willing, no harm is done). Same as rozzers seeking compo for a few slaps on duty, teachers for stress, proffesionals for long hours, its part and parcel of the job.... as for typist getting compo for RSI and other PTJB's...

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