Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by npower, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. That's it camp over for one more year,

    Did you have a good camp or was it a crap one?

    So come on what are Your views on camp this year ?
  2. Whats the thing with the boat ex
  3. Polar,

    No mate unless you count the ferry over to France?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    npower, can you give us a few more details about this camp?

  5. Polar,MSR,

    Check you PM
  6. cheers, sounds like an interesting ex
  7. From what I hear up here in the frozen wastes, the boys and girls did rather well and showed the jolly old frogs a bit about how good the regiment is. (Officers' remedial navigation may be on the cards though!)
  8. 'twas ever thus....

    From my mahogany bomber at the Big House, I heard it went extremely well. Better than sitting around on a carpark for two weeks like everyone else it would seem.

    Well done to all - and home in time for tea and medals. I look forward to the war stories.

    I also enjoyed the latest edition of Eastern Moon too, you b*stards.......
  10. Hats off to SOME of the SPSI/PSI’s they did a good job in setting everything up for the troops.
    The troops on the ground did an outstanding job of playing the part, despite the high temps in the build up phase, and true to standards as the Ex started it rained.
    At last we have some good regulars at HQ (MT/REME) kept up the good work there.
    Just a shame it was all let down by the food in camp, the road movement and some certain people in RHQ?
    But still an ok camp in my views could have been better, certainly not the best camp I have done.
    P.S. Well done to the SEME lad's my ears are still rings from you'r singing.