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Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by oldbaldy, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. oldbaldy

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    From today's Torygraph:

    The British embassy in Nepal is refusing visas to retired Gurkha soldiers because it believes that once they reach Britain the Home Office will let them stay for good.

    According to officials, different immigration criteria used in Britain and abroad have created "bureaucratic madness" leading to unfair and inconsistent treatment of a frustrated generation of veterans who loyally served in the highly-decorated regiment during the Falklands and Gulf wars.

    Immigration rules for Gurkhas are notoriously complicated. New legislation in 2004 heralded the first opportunity for ex-Gurkhas to apply for indefinite leave to enter and remain in Britain.

    This process generally leads to citizenship. But the hopes of an older generation of ex-Gurkhas were dashed when they learned that the new rules applied only to veterans who retired after June 1997.

    Meanwhile, British officials and ex-servicemen's groups say that the authorities in London are consistently granting indefinite leave to remain to former Gurkhas, irrespective of their retirement date.

    Ex-servicemen's groups say that there are about 25,000 former Gurkhas on full pensions who retired before 1997, although many are elderly and unlikely to want to move. About 700 are believed to be living legally in Britain.

  2. i may be wrong, ive just read a history of the gurkhas(from 1984) and as i understand it the reason the gurkhas are not allowed by the treaty to emigrate to the uk is because whether true ATM or not, it was once the case that the gurkhas pensions wages and the skills learned in british service were a sizable part of how the nepali economy worked and thus to take the gurkhas away would have a detrimental effect on the nepalise populus.
  3. The Gurkhas was set to be controlled from 24 Oct 06 with only application to apply for dating back to 2 years of discharge date but still there are still issuing permit to enter. Has anyone find out that the rule has been relaxed to still allow all Gurkhas to apply and not only after 1997 or after 2 years of discharge?
  4. Would that be in Ashford? :D
  5. Maybe we need to also look at the law that probably once prevented the original Australian "settlers" from returning and resettling in the UK.
    We can always find loop holes in the immigration laws to either keep out or allow in ,certain types of people. Just a matter of shifting the goal post.
  6. Where I work, we have 15 Gurkhas on site. Don't get me wrong, I had no problems when I was in the forces, but here they seem to have taken over. If there is any overtime, us Brits don't get a look in, they seem to have cornered the market and they are so insular, they stick to their own and only speak Nepalese.