Ex Gunner Writes a Book

A shameless plug for a mate of mine and an ex Gunner.

Ben Myers was a troopie in 46 Talavera (Cow & Castle!) Bty on Op Granby. He left the Army and became a criminal barrister in Manchester (plenty of work up there!). He has always had a passion for writing and has just managed to get his first book published "The Bad Tuesdays - Twisted Symmetry". It is fantasy fiction aimed at teenagers/young adults so it ought to fit the usual ARRSERs profile! Ben has a contract to write a series so this is the first of several and may be the next Harry Potter as I understand the film rights are generating keen interest.

The book is launched on 9 Jan so might be a good purchase for those chrimbo book vouchers from Auntie! Copies can be pre-ordered from Waterstones, WH Smiths, Borders ... but apparently not Woolies!

Bad Tuesdays - Orion Books

Ben Myers - Bio

Give an old Gunner some support!


'fantasy fiction'? Y'mean it's based upon the Labour party?
18 troops old troopie at the cow and castle..Teenage mutant ninja turtles!
PP..If you're in touch ask him if he remembers the above?

Of course he does...and so do I. Stenciled on the rear bins of the Spartans!

6, 18 and 62 Tps. BC was Greyskull and his driver Jonah became very good at digging in! BK was later sent to Collie for embezzlement and OpsO was parachuted in, got his G2 feed from the week old copies of the Times he received and made everyone do press-ups to build up their muscles for shoulder launch!


LOL! Nice one PP..Give him my regards and tell him that i hope it's a success!!
By the way PP...Who are you i wonder? will pm you if that's ok?
Ref: the rear bins/turtles.....Rear left hand bins to be precise(LOL)
All the best.

PM sent mate. I've got some pics somewhere of a spartan with a turtle. i'll try and dig it out, scan i9t in and post it on the ops page.


get yourself onto the bty site on facebook there's plenty of photos there and plenty of lads you would know. it costs nowt so is very cheap(No mess bills here ta very much!!) :lol: UP THE COW AND CASTLE HURRAH!!!!!!!!
All the best...Tom

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