Ex Guantanamo detainees sue UK government

Just read this on MSNBC,



Come what may,another nice payday for the legal-aid parasites.

Hopefully this lawsuit will be thrown out with the contempt it deserves.

A great pity the Crabs didn't dump these traitors off mid-way back.Sans parachutes.
You can't get legal aid for civil suits. Its only criminal and family law which require council to be provided to both parties free of charge. civil cases use no win, no fee for the plaintiff. This leads to huge rates of litigation (as its free if you don't win) and massive costs for the defendant as they cannot use no win, no fee.

This is just another example of people cashing in on a free shot at easy money with no real reason. Whatever your views on Camp X-Ray, its actually run by the US not the UK.

I see they tried to sue the US government for $10 million each,but got the fcuk-off from the US courts.

There are plenty of left-wing lawyers in the UK who will only be too glad to take this case on,even if working pro bono.
I wondered when this would rear its' ugly head - Omar Deghayes is the darling of our local rent-a-cause and now lives back with his rabble rousing brother in Brighton. He has never adequately explained why he buttoned off to Afghanistan for a number of years, merely saying it was 'because he couldn't practice his religion in Britain' and is promoting the tale that he was lifted by 'bounty hunters' in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, there are more than enough 'useful fools' to give credence and succour to these people, and, unfortunately, given the track record of our compensation culture, they will probably win their case.

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