Ex Griffin Focus - PXRs in here please

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. Saves on postage.
  2. RAMC need to get better comms ..... Nice Fd Hosp and Med Bde HQ ........

    Any G6 jobs vacant
  3. Lots of troops wandering around Tesco with no head-dress on.

    Med unit pers wandering around Carlisle with Red Cross armbands on, shopping.

    Tsk, tsk, standards.
  4. You mean people have been let out of Stalag West Freugh? And no, its not my corps my corps nicking the alcoholic handwash.

    Must dash 'SS' fun police are touring the camp again.
  5. Ow NOW what's wrong with this picture??? dry camp lifted to Two Can rule at Stalag.... has the double E.E. word been stated then... while i'm stuck at TRC with me cheerios

    wrong answer try again!!
  6. least we can have some fun... and won't get DNV hopefully, like some people we heard about
  7. How did the new hospital layout work????
  8. Must have been TA..........we regular types would never do that :roll:
  9. I wish ... highlight of the last two weeks was a visit to a Field Hospital....

  10. Was with the Field Hospital who trialled the Combat Support Hospital. The cadre staff managed to drop the fifty bed facility in 12 hours and, once they'd moved to Scotland, were fully operational within 12 hours. :lol:
  11. as fully operational as you can be without being operational or actually receiving casualties, having patients etc...
  12. Actually, Filbert, the CASCON hit the CSH (Close Support Hospital) with a shedload of cas - 96 in 12 hours at the peak, I seem to recall. "Testing to destruction" was a phrase I heard used. And the move and rebuild of the CSH was achieved in quite a margin under 12 hours. Impressive stuff to one who was at a far remove from the action.

  13. still cant see how a unit can be fully 'operational' on an exercise, when even on the best exercise its nothing like a mass casualty situation for real. exercise fcuk ups are easily concealed by the use of notional personnel and equipment.
  14. You cant put a sutainable(to NHS standard) hospital of any size up in twelve hours. What you can do is put a DS up with add ons ie role 2 +. Before you say bollox answer these questions.

    Did you have sealed flooring that satisfies the infection control policies
    Did you have running, clean water with means of disposal
    Did you have back up systems/redundency on the electrics
    Did you meet the infection control standards

    I spent years in role 3 facilities and have done trials, NATO opevals, tours with MST's, 10, 25,100,200 bed facilities, Biological hospitals, seen the pink FST, Geatt, MTSF, Drash, GS,Med modules its goes on.
    Let me give you a comparison of sizes the 200 bed that went to Gulf 1(Granby) went in 56 ISO containers the equivelent today ie Telic 1 went in 200 ISO's. Thats the improvement and enormity of Hospitals today.
    34 put up a 25 bed in 12 hours at SLB on Telic one. That suited the purpose of filling a gap whilst it took the RE's 7 days to construct and fit out a tier 1- 200 bed hosp.
    What it seems to me you are doing (I may be wrong) is trying to improve or create a mark 2 of the failed enhanced DS of recent years. Theres no doubt there is a requirement for surgical facilities further forward but this half cocked effort weve had in recent years has been a complete failure hence the mark 2 version.
    I dont doubt you lobbed one up in 12 hours but was it a Hospital? and what constitutes one. The AMS has always aspired to meeting and bettering NHS standards. Do you believe in 12 hours you met that standard. If not it isnt a Hospital. Fairly simple test I suspect.
  15. Jesus, I cant believe Im doing this, but good post Smithy!