Ex Griffin Focus (pt 2)

Just a request for help, I'd like to be forewarned about this ex. The last time we did it, it placed demands on us we had not trained for but I believe it was more realistic than normal.

If anyone from the Sigs regiment that does next week has any pointers, could you please post or PM me on here (or alternatively tell me the eRAS your on and we can get in touch that way).

This is a big exercise and we need to come away with the correct lessons and do a good job. We don't want some old fuddy duddy LE officer reinforce their NCRS skills onto 2 Sig Bde thinking.

If its anything like last time, this is a very big all arms exercise. One of the biggest many of us will go on, the next one up is a real op... well maybe not Cyprus etc. It might be boring in parts and very busy in others but I think thats good in a way.

p.s. I don't expect any Sigs det to use JMH (unless Reg Sigs deploy), notice I keep mentioning realistic.
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