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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by imperial_lion, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Having just completed the first week of the package I found the whole experience surprisingly good!!!

    It was well organised with very little hurry up and wait. Most importantly it was progressive training and I defy anyone to say that they gained nothing from it.

    On a personal note I have never done pairs or fire team F&M with live rounds before.

    I can't comment on week 2 as I was busy diving into a hole and knackering my knee, but if the first week was anything to go by it should be interesting.
  2. Are you taking the fucking piss? By F&M do you mean fire and manoeuvre? If you do and having completed basic training you are saying that you've never been instructed in this discipline at that level then something, somewhere has gone seriously tits up in your basic instruction.

    The really sad thing is my infantry skills could never be called anything more than basic and even I have done this.

  3. i think he means live fire and manoeuvre.
  4. Yes,
    I mean live fire and manouvre, doing it with blank really doesn't count. If they are now doing live F&M in basic training then things have moved on quite a bit but this is the first time i have done it with the rifle.
  5. Phew, I can come down off the ceiling now.

    You never said live fire and manoeuvre! Although I've always mimed when I've done it.........
  6. Admittedly I did feel like shouting bang!!

    What really pains me is that I was doing live f&m in mid nineties as a LCpl with a pistol when I was in NI but it took 14 years to do it with a rifle. We must do more of this type of training, especially given the volatile nature of the current sandy holiday resorts.
  7. Its being looked at, i was interviewed by some people from chickers about experiences in hot and dusty places. They are looking at altering cadres so that we are trained more appropriate manner to the situations we may face.
  8. I am amazed.

    Is it me or does the publication "Army Operational Shooting Policy" state that A&S should train up fire team (4 peeps). A&S soldiers are to be competent in attack (limited) as well as in defence.

    This could be with all wpn systems, rifle, L109 HE grenade, 51mm mortar
    (ops only), GPMG etc.

    Our unit regulary trains with all the above wpn systems up to fire team and it pays dividends. As a comd I am confident with the ability of my troops and would have no quarms about their skills if ever we found ourselves in a contact situation.

    Once a grunt, always a grunt!
  9. Surely a basic requirement in this day and age, even the uotc do it.
  10. Try being in the "mostly weekends" part of the Glorious Corps then with sixty rounds at 25m per year - maybe a hundred if you're lucky.

    But what's Bn Camp for I hear you cry - repeating the MATT shoot is the regrettably true answer. Oh, and some AT. And getting f@cked around to suit the G4 staff - but I digress.
  11. T21A, I think I see the problem here. You believe that all soldiers should be trained battle shots, something I completely agree with.

    However, given that the Corps rarely has enough ammunition to conduct an APWT and zeroing shoot, the kind of activity undertaken on ExGW was 'dare I say it' bloody unique.

    Reference the utilisation of the other weapon systems, yeah right!!!!
  12. Hmm,

    In an ideal world:

    Firstly there's your mandatory weekly PT sessions

    Secondly your Pre-CFT training

    Thirdly your shooting prior to attempting an APWT

    Then there's the training required prior to doing the other MATTs

    In reality, all tests done ASAP after April with no prior preparation.

    Whilst the onus should be on the individual to maintain their mil skills and fitness as a matter of pride, when push comes to shove if people aren't getting the mandatory training required then they simply blame the system rather than themselves.

    Also in an ideal world you'd do live firing fire and manoeuvre annually...........
  13. Does the fault lie with ATRA then?

    A little known fact - each soldier should throw 2 HE grenades a year!
  14. I 'should' be in z-type accomodation, we 'should' have been done and dusted in Iraq by now, the nhs 'should' have been sorted out under new labour.

    A lot of things should happen in this country but never do. :)