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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stevieni22, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Good morning fellow arrser's my unit is heading off on Grand Prix soon and we will be using the new Hesco FOB's built, a few blokes in my platoon are asking what the Fobs are like, and weather they will need to take hennessy hammocks or 2 mand jack tents or just poncho poles for the duration,

    Many thanks,


    Swift and Bold!
  2. im just back from kenya i was in fob twega (archers post) for 3 weeks there is african safari tents cot beds needed, with lighting and plug sockets, shower bags needed but there is running water aslong as the tank is full only downside no phone signal but that might be sorted in the near future
  3. why bother, you dont get it out in Helmand. Get used to no mobiles.
  4. Take a power monkey with you if you have an ipod, the electric is pants and was always tripping.

    Infact i dont recall having plug sockets, spent most of the time on 'patrol' in Archers Roast.
  5. My reasoning was, as with UK/Germany exercises, the solution more or less when Bowman goes tits up, is to get on the mobile. Well you dont have this luxury out on Herrick. I was just advocating realistic training, but OPFOR with live rounds?? now there is a suggestion! :twisted:
  6. is kenya an operational tour? nope dont think it is, and being on tour without a mobile doesnt bother me
  7. Of course it isnt ( :roll: ) but its the reason why you go out there "to practice a realistic evironment prior to deploying to Afghanistan"?? Im sure you can do without your mobile, but i was looking at the Command and Control which in UK/Germany tends to communicate along the lines of Nokia's finest.
  8. Apparantly you plt is all tramps and likes to sleep on cardboard boxes ?

    just what i heard its all over the place :soldier:

  9. You know we are all tramps but you wanna be in it ive heard you asking your OC to come to my FSG and sack the red belt?