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Just a quick note to you all in Aviation land. Those of you who aren't aware there is an exped being led this year by a member of your corps. Details can be found at the following site GlobalEagle.co.uk. I know the team are busily drumming up support and have already been helped by a large number of people. However, there is a charity involved in this one and all donations would be gratefully received. please feel free to visit the site and lend your support



Are you a member of the team touting for a bit of business.

Read your most recent newsletter, good to see you have found someone willing to sponsor you a new aircraft.

Do you have the aircraft now or has it already gone back to Italy as was mentioned. If it has gone back when do you expect to see it again, just wondering as it would be great to see it come to the regiments seen as how you are a member of the beloved Corps.

I wish you the best of luck, youre going to need it.

Get yourself over here 1 Regiment for a few beers, promise we won't let you fly it until youve sobered up, don't want a repeat or Pirbright.


Bumped into the gentleman leading the Exped the other week, at a school sports day of all things.
It was a really hot day and I passed comment on how the person standing in his bike leathers must be sweating his cobs of.

Mr Helmanx walked past him later on and was quite suprised to see that it was him, so boring men talk went on for ages :wink:


Tell me, do the team still operate their business out of the pub down at Muskies? :lol:
Or is that just a rumour put about by those working to fill those positions in the Regiment taken up by all those making the CO of the Regt, and their confidentials look good?
Joking aside gents I hope that you get it off the ground this time and that nothing gets in the way to stop it going this time!!!! God knows you have had enough time off to prepare a trip to Venus and back :roll:


War Hero
Stark raving bonkers..............why not do a sponsored marathon or similar..

Seriously tho......best of British
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