Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cmt...hopefully, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. For God's sake, is it possible to spend more than 2 1/2hrs with an ex-girlfriend without falling out, all over again?

    6 days before CMS(R), I decide that a couple of drinks with the ex would be a nice thing to do, just to touch base, etc.

    No. We meet up in a nice little pub, where they sell this 6% Japanese lager, and get a pizza. Everything's going great, chatting about old times, having a laugh about how her new guy's a ginger...then as soon as one of her mates (who is quite hot), walks in...and she stops talking to you.

    It's not even like their conversation was interesting. These two girls, just talking about their mundane, middle-England lives...

    So I try to strike up a conversation with the both of them...and the ex proceeds to display that actually, she didn't want to be seen with me, that we had simply met coincidentally.

    What's the fcuking problem here?

    you posted it in the wrong forum or site if you wanted something fluffy mate - hooped. mk
  2. You still wanna nail your ex. Cut ties and sh@g a bit of strange. Why do people keep in touch with ex's unless they plan on nailing them.
  3. Nah, you should've seen the state of her.

    She still has huge knockers (32E) but she's got a bit rough.

    But the question remains, why does 2 1/2 hours turn into a drama, when 5 mins before, everything was great?
  4. Agreed!
    Only keep in touch if there's the chance of some Back Door Loving. Clearly she's a bee-yotch, as displayed by her behaviour. Pork her sister/mum instead
  5. Because women are weird creatures

    Be blunt ask if shes gonna put out and let you push your white horses out over her Big girls.

    If not fcuk her off
  6. I did pork her sister...before though.
  7. The only reason I guess she would act suddenly like that is because:

    a) She doesn't want mate to know she went out with someone so ugly
    b) She doesn't want mate to know she went out with someone so fat
    c) She doesn't want mate to know she went out with someone so skint
    d) She fancies the mate
    e) She's a dumbfuck on pmt

    I bet you'll go with d. :wink:
  8. The main stumbling block is that you are still a civilian. As all women appreciate, civvies are a spineless breed who are renowned for lacklustre performances in the sack.

    That is why you are her ex - pin d1ck.

    I hope this clears up your befuddled, non - DPM mind.
  9. I think you have got to understand that women are unstable feckers at the best of times.
    Cant live with them-cant live with them!!
  10. she'll boff a gwar, but she doesn't want to be seen in public with you!!! MAN you must be ugly 8O :D
  11. Yeah, something is definatly wrong here.

  12. its probably because she still holds a candle for you! and seeing her FIT mate walk in probably made her feel inadeqate` as she is a munter with big jugs and a punctured ring from your knob.

    bang her mate` and next time you have a chin wag start by saying "remember that fit mate of yours,she was a cracking shag"

    fuck the chatting,and don`t buy the beers(she is your X for christ sake)

    and also don`t forget to remind her to ask her mother to come get her undies`as they are smelling kinda rare!!!

    problem sorted!

    and they say us blokes are wierd:)

    i`m glad i disposed of my x(i mean dumped:)

    whats so hard to grasp about men

    sod trying to figure birds out(who cares aslong as they are on thier back)
  13. Sounds like she has bigged up your split to her mates, how she dumped you, how she did this said that. Made herself out to be some superbitch diva. So one of her mates seeing you laughing talking and having a good time blows her story out of the water. Basically you have been the victim of a female walt IMHO.