Ex-girlfriend killed marine in name row

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vaeviso, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Hell hath no fury etc.
  2. Thought booties should be tough? Arrrr... when I was a squaddie, my skin was not only water proof but also knife proof as well!

    On a more serious note, this sounds like one of those crimes of passion. She probably did it in the heat of the moment (so it sounds like), so I doubt she'll get life for murder. Maybe a few years for manslaughter methinks.
  3. What was she doing with a bloody knife?
  4. She must have had the painters in that week.
  5. 8O Unbelievable over-reaction.
  6. Old and sad news
  7. he bumped into her in a club after a night on the p*ss. why was he in his ex's bedroom at 3am "reminiscing about their relationship", after a year with another bird anyway?

    obviously he didn't deserve what happened, but it's not like they were having a cup of tea and playing bridge in the middle of the afternoon.

    banging the ex - good drills.

    calling out the wrong name when she's got a knife nearby - not so good drills.

    send her down... obviously a psycho. how many people keep a kitchen knife in their bedroom??!?!
  8. Just because he called another name out , Did not give her the right to kill the poor guy .
    I hope she gets the sentence she deserves
  9. thanks for that intellectual, high-brow input pentwyn.
  10. Too true. If he'd have been the one who 'lost it' in a moment of madness there'd have been headlines of 'Special Forces Soldier Kills Ex!!" and he'd have been found guilty of murder before it even got to court. She looses it over nothing, I mean she was his ex and he makes the mistake of calling her the wrong name, and people say "that's okay, it was acrime of passion'. What bollox! She's unstable enough to stab someone over nothing on an impulse, in which case put her away for a long time, or she went into the kitchen, got the knife went back to where he was and stabbed him.... Murder not Manslaughter!

    Why is it that when a woman does something it's not her fault and if a man does something he's a 'monster'?
  11. Were they playing Bedroom Bronco? - Take her from behind, call out the wrong name and see how long you can stay on!! LOL

    Having said that, 'twas a bit of a savage over reaction, methinks.
  12. Poor sod, he was only 23. She should be done for murder, a normal impulsive reaction would've been a clout round the head not plunging a knife in someone.

    Another silly bint giving us women a bad name :roll:
  13. Having spent quite some time in Plymouth, this doesn`t surprise me. Just about all the females I met from that city have some kind of hang up or mental/emotional problem, not sure why. I always took the precaution of using "Dear" or "Sweetheart" when dating them instead of their first name just in case of this kind of occurence. Never had the problem in any other town. 8)
  14. As she is the only witness I am surprised that 'got my name wrong' is the best she could come up with. Looks like premeditated murder from a distance - knife available to hand etc.