EX Ghurka Officer Tony Hart.


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I hope Morph and Chaz give the eulogy!

Edited for mongness!


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Used to love Morph. Classic, school night staple TV. Submitted loads of stuff to 'The Gallery', but never got anything on telly. Must have been because I am s hit at art in all its forms.
You don´t get kids presenters like this anymore.

Who´d have even thought the kindly artist could have ever been in the Forces, as he invited you to "take a look at the gallery".

Bear in mind he wanted to be an RAF Air Gunner to start with, and must have known of the terrible fatalities suffered by such men. Instead a Commision with the Gurkhas for 3 years.

RIP, extra poinant as my Gran has recently died.

Re Morph and Chas. I´d get Morph to do the eulogy, Chas was always too naughty, I wouldn´t trust him with an event of such gravity. Maybe Morph could take "Nailbrush" for comfort (his dog BTW)?


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I'll bet the Beeb don't do any re-runs of Packi the Elephant as a memorial to Tone.

I always watched his stuff as nipper, insisted on it, Morph was great, a timeless classic. I had no idea that he had served, as Chocolate Frog says you just don't get presenters like this anymore.

Still he had a good run and did a hell of a lot of good for youngsters myself included.


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To me, this bloke summed up everything that exemplified old-school Britishness, and I only wish we had more like him. A wonderful guy, and the Gurkhas was a fitting place for him. I will always remember Take Hart as a kid. God bless you Tony.
I had the pleasure of working with Tony Hart on a well known TV series some time ago and can honestly say that what you saw on TV was what you got in real life. A lovely chap.

Tony worked unscripted (I've only just found out via Sky News that he could learn lines) and made it all up as he went.

He had such a major influence on so many generations of kids - and it was all good clean fun. He is the end of on era.

Mind you Johnny Morris was good too. A real pro. He was doing his animal impressions right up until the end - when he croaked.


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Top Bloke Rest in Peace Tony. End of an Era.


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Nice chap, and loved watching his programs when I was growing up BUT . . . .

Not a good enough reason for me to get home from walking the dog to find my missus blubbing on the sofa FFS! Silly tart.
Morphan! :(



From a time when a few major tallents did it all in childrens' entertainment - all taught you something along the way.