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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cthep, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. The old debate has reared it's head again!!

    Jaffa Cake. Is it a biscuit or a cake??

    Answers on a postcard
  2. Now, I know this. It's gonna be a bit of a nurdy, boring answer, though, I'm afraid. When VAT (value added tax) was first introduced, my parents had a shop. VAT was on luxury items. Plain biscuits and cakes did not attract VAT, but chocolate biscuits did. There was some debate about it and, I THINK???? the verdict was that Jaffa Cakes were cakes (hence no VAT). But there's VAT on Bourbons.
  3. Good enough for me!

  4. But they're not chocolate 8O

    And the topic title takes the biscuit :oops:
  5. Who cares???? But if you have any going spare I am starving!!
  6. aparrently the test applied was...

    A cake is soft when fresh, and goes hard when stale

    A biscuit is hard when fresh and goes soft when stale

    Jaffa cake is officially a cake (and therefore zero VAT rated)
  7. There was a nice explanation of this on QI. The makers of Jaffa Cakes wanted to avoid VAT and correctly catergorise their product. So they baked a giant Jaffa Cake for the VAT board (?) that then had to decide whether it was a cake or biscuit. As we all know a biscuit will go soft if left and a cake will go hard if left out. That is the difference between the two.

    For the life of my however I cannot recall whether the giant Jaffa Cake went hard or soft, thus making my post somewhat pointless.

    Whichever way it went, I know that it meant they successfully avoided paying tax on their product.
  8. yep, D_R and bovvy got it right. i remember that episode.

    it is indeed a cake!
  9. It's surprising how much interest there is in this. 8O :clap: :crazy:
  10. i hate to spoil any illusions but it is obviously a biscuit. especially if you apply darwins theory of evolution to the debate. you will find that the jaffa cake is in fact a pseudo biscuit. thus making it an intermediary between cake and biscuit. not to mention the fact that the oxford english dictionary describes a biscuit as an unleavened cake. besides where would you find them in a supermarket - in the biscuit aisle.

    so obviously a biscuit
  11. Wise words indeed. I reckon it's a biscuit. In fact, I reckon it's the king of all biscuits.

    Best summed up by a Homer Simpson drool...

    All hail the jaffa cake.
  12. My understanding was that if you bend the disputed item and it snaps, it is a biscuit, if it breaks or crumbles it is a cake.

    I believe that was the answer as debated on QI.
  13. And now you've bought the snap and break situation into the arguement. A gingernut is a biscuit, but if its a moist gingernut it will break. Its still a biscuit. Your science is flawed.
  14. But ANY moist biscuit will cease to exhibit biscuit-like characteristics.