Ex-Forces Offenders in the Criminal Justice System

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Finbarre101, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. I'm new to ARRSE, however, I'm currently a Probation Service Officer in Cheshire with 16 yrs in the Army from a previous life. I am in the process of helping identify Veterans, (still not sure that's a suitable 'handle' for ex-servicemen and women), who have got themselves in trouble with the law and end up arrested, in court, in custody, or on Probation. After identification, we signpost Vet's to the service charities and make sure they get the support they may need which will hopefully stop them re-offending.
    Are there any Vet's out there with experience of either working for the CJS as either police, prison officers or probation with ideas to improve the 'system', or vet's who have found themselves in trouble with the law and have been thro' the system themselves :?
  2. I run a Social Enterprise called Military Mental Health Community Interest Company. We are developing a primary care model for supporting veterans experiencing psychological distress. Currently we are on a steering board for improving mental health provision for veterans in the north west with NHS North West and others including Turning Point and Job Centre Plus and we are discussing commissioning with PCT's to provide Veteran Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and Veteran Peer support Workers. We also deliver Veterans Mental Health Awareness Workshops designed to provide an insight for Health, Social care and Criminal Justice Services as well as the Job Centre

    If you are interested to discuss how we could work in partnership PM me and I will discuss a meeting with you. I think we could work well together.
  3. I am trying to get a 'system' in the Probation Service similar to the Veterans In Custody Support (VICS) model currently rolling out in the Prisons. VICS uses the NOMS Offender Management, and the prisons's own Identification, Advice and Guidance functions to signpost ex-service offenders to support. I have been developing a process in Cheshire to get staff to 'Ask the Question' - Are you ex-services? Have been doing this at the Induction statge, but have now asked our court staff to ask so we can 'catch' offenders at an earlier stage in the CJS process.
    I am going to try to get the local police on board as they could also be asking the question in the Custody Suite. That will be a big step. In the meantime, the process is developing in Cheshire. Will be hoping this develops nationally soon.
    Are you involved in the CJS yourself?
  4. Really sounds interesting what you are doing and I would certainly be interested to hear more. Ref contacting you, what do you mean by PM?
  5. It is good to see that someone is doing positive work in a problem area.

    PM = private message. Go to 'my stuff' on the mail tool bar, you can send a PM and discuss the issue with the person who posted on the thread.
  6. FINBAR101: You might be just the person I am looking for, I am currently doing my degree in Criminal Justice, before that I qualified in Forensic Science.
    After 16 years in, some of that with RMP I am obvioulsy looking for career options. One area I am particularly keen on through my previous life and studies is the CJS and how it affects ex-forces, your posting has gripped my attention to the point of me wanting to use your views and ideas in a project to identify problems with ex-forces who are subject to the CJS and hopefully come up with ideas about how to address this, a job would be nice as well.
  7. Firstly, as already metioned good on you for the work your carrying out,

    Secondly I'm not a Vet, still serving but have ex-unit pals/collegues that may require assistance, also have you considered visiting Military establishments to promote your profile?

    Point to note: The whole time I've been in the only time I've seen a Ex-squaddie/civvy giving something back visiting camps is one of the CDT advisor's giving a brief chat at a conference, which is pretty much the norm,

    Also have you access to Armynet? as getting your foot in the door there would assist your work, obviously.
  8. So what are we saying here mate? Is this someone just trying to get ideas for a dissertation or is the poster genuine?
  9. Thanks for your interest in the topic. I left the Army in '92, buggered about not knowing what i really wanted to do. I found that there wasn't much call for tank commanders in Warrington and therfore had to review my options.
    I eventually became a Probation Service Officer (PSO) in 2002. PSO didn't require to have qualifications then, but attended Assessment Centre and passed.
    As a Veteran your 'radar' is always on for other Veterans and this included Veteran offenders. I had six on my caseload when I read an article in NAPO News (National Assoc' of Probation Officers) about concerns about the number of ex-military personnel in prison. To cut a long story short, I set up a system of identification and signposting of Vet' offenders at the Warrington office, this has been recognised as good practice, and I am now rolling this out across the whole of the county. I am now the Veteran Support Coordinator for Cheshire Probation.
    If you are considering a career in Probation, my advice is go for it!! Check out the websites.
  10. Yeh, seen that. I have met Tony Wright and he's on the same wavelength. Geta copy of 'Whither Wellfare' published by the Royal United Services Inst (RUSI) is a very enlightening read. Should be able to get one off the t'internet.
  11. My bold: You lack imagination :lol: Seriously though, your scheme is a worthy one and I wish you well.
  12. In the United States, veterans who commit crimes lose many benefits. Is that not the case in the U.K.?
  13. Only if they're sent to prison - then they lose their Pension entitlement for the period of custody.