Ex Forces Mortgage discount?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by WulfricSpot, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. I am ex forces and ex pat looking at returning to the UK. Is there a lending company that offers a mortgage discount to veterans? Currently in the US - and they do a great job helping the veterans here.

  2. Unfortunately veterans are not so well catered for in the UK.

    Mortgage decisions are based on your current situation not what you were.

    However there's always plenty of competition about, especially amongst house builders who may be able to arrange a good rate through a lender.
  3. What Dinger said. The only thing a mortgage lender in the UK is interested in is your salary and how good a bet you are for continuing to make the payments. If anything, being ex-forces might be seen as a disadvantage unless you have since found a well-paid second career.
  4. P.S. Unless it's free healthcare you are after, stay in the US!
  5. Pretend to be an asylum seeker. You'll get a big house for nowt!
  6. As the others said.....stay there!

    You won't find any mortgage company offering you a genuine discount, just because you're ex forces.
    That means absolutely **** all in the UK. It doesn't make you special in any way.

    The fact that you're an ex pat, is seen by some as being a traitor to this country! You haven't paid any taxes recently....why should we bother about you?

    Sounds like you're just after a freeby!

    Now if you were an Afghan refugee or a Pakistani or, add whatever nationality you desire, except for British, ......you'd be in for a free house, medical cover, car & as much petrol as you want, free Tesco's vouchers, Fuel & Light bills paid etc etc!

    You're better off where you are!

    If you come back here, get to the back of the queue!:frown:
  7. Pretend to be a para and you'll get free haddock and chips.
  8. Only if Banker is in the vicinity! ;-)
  9. H3

    H3 LE

    You wont even get Discount in a Pound shop for being Ex Forces ...... Stay in the land of the quicky mart !!!
  10. maybe i should stay - last time i visited sunny Donny everyone was from Bosnia - nice and all, but drinking a pint, listening to a slavic language was .... different.

    Thanks for the feedback - i may just stay here and get obese.
  11. I would choose Afghanistan over Doncaster - stay where you are.
  12. some parts are actually very posh.
    they strip copper wire using sustainable methods.
  13. Hmmmm Doncaster...........

    ...........makes Mansfield appear upmarket.
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