Ex Forces Mental Health

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by CharlieBubbles, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Who would be interested in a march in central London to highlight the issue of "Ex Forces Mental Health"?

    It would not by or for any specific ex forces charity in mind, but for those who already have some form of Combat / Service Related Mental Health and fighing for any real treatment from your NHS!

    I am like many others only too well aware what the Mod and NHS say on this matter and with the numbers now waiting to get to Combat Stress and they can only do so much, the NHS has to face up to their responsibilites in this area.

    We can sit here recalling the life we once had whenh serving and any ideas why we now have to fight daily just to get up in the morning, or get out of the house.

    Not until we get into the faces of the politicians and civil servants on their front door, are they likely to engage with the service users and make the changes needed for those who as yet, have been dumped by the same system that we once went into conflicts for!
  2. Its Psyops-
  3. This is not the best idea, why not get the MOD on board with a group of guys and doctors and have a meeting with the parliamentary committee on mental health. I am sure the MOD would be more than happy to arrange that for you.
  4. I think the trouble with a march is that they can lose more friends than they gain.
    Have you thought of writing to Lord Rix? He is the farce actor Brian Rix and Secretary-General of the National Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults (Mencap). I know that Mencap doesn't deal with psychological illness but a lot of the infrastructure will be common and he does have the ear of an awful lot of people. He briefly did serve in the RAF but ended up a Bevin Boy.
    I would also be worried how the stresses and strains of taking part in a march of that sort would affect psychological sufferers? Positive action may be right for some sufferers but may exacerbate problems in others.
    That something needs to be done is self-evident, and it needs to be done fast because the present in-place systems are risible and clearly nor effective for the majority. It is important to highlight problems and raise awareness of the issues without losing public sympathy. Have you also tried roping in the Sun, they are big on Army and H4H support at the moment. Have you approached H4H? They will also be well placed to help and with money to spend as well, I'm sure they can reach the right ears.
  5. I am only too well aware of that, the idea of being their, travelling there and back and being in the media spotlight, makes me sh1te myself!

    And that's just what the Mod / NHS are relying upon, that we are not well enough to tackle this head on and take it to the capital!

    The last time I travelled by train to London to see my MP, the journey out was okay, with extra medication and my head full of questions, I sayed focus enough to get there and do what I had to. The journey back was HELL! The walls of the carriages were closing in, the chatter from other on the train, got louder and louder, I was feeling pyhsically sick and I had lost control of the pain and I had taken more than enough pain killers for two days, never mind that day.