Long time quasimodo-style lurcher on this forum.

As the title suggests I used to have a bit of a weight problem. Wanted to join the forces since I was a kid but weights been a problem but I kicked my backside into shape and have lost 8.5 stone over a few years. I feel as though I could give the TA a shot now.

Give me all the abuse you like to the following fella's, I wouldn't expect anything less to be frank. But I would, at some point, appreciate some honesty, be it bad news or good news...

Right, problem is, being so fat previously and losing so much weight i've got a bit of flab (skin) that no matter what will not shift. Probably extra skin to contain my former lardiness. I've undertaken a lot of intense exercise, I swim, run (sprint, hills, x country), do circuits, boxing etc etc and if i'm honest I look in pretty good shape. Again, only problem is, the gut and love handles... they've shrank over the years but I'm not sure whether they'll ever disappear entirely. Now, would this be a problem in the TA? Is everyone going to give me a constant hard time over it? Fair enough, I love banter and piss-taking and can give as good as I get but it would probably get a tad boring after a while...

Is it a case of proving myself? That I can do all the stuff the other lads can do a maybe better? The last time I did a 1.5 mile run I did it in 9:56. I can do 66 press ups in 2 mins and 79 sit ups.

I'm ready for the abuse guys so lets have it :woot:
Get along to your chosen unit and speak to them. The run / situps /pressups looks fine.

I carried around a considerable set of man boobs for my last 5 years of service (and still do) whilst still passing all fitness tests, I wouldn't worry about it. Get your finger out and get on with it before it's too late.
You should be proud of the run time and press up/sit up numbers. Get your form in!
Cheers for the feedback lads.

**** it then, i'll give it a crack.

Hopefully training in the TA will shift the gut.

Just wondering aswell, is there a TA Rugby team? Any chances I could have a crack at that after i've joined up?
Best to get through your basic training first ;)


I could do with losing 8 stone, lost 2 this summer, thats giving up the drink on the way home from work (along with giving up work). I have to admit I hate Phys, always have done, it releases endorphins which are drug like and we all know how bad drugs are right kids?

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