Ex Falklands G wagons

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ches-fford, May 29, 2007.

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  1. We all have our thing mine is G wagons , I own two a ex west German bourder patrol BGS 230GE and an ex Norwegian army soft top 240GD .
    I also had a lot of fun of working with others on the Brixmis G that is now at Chicksands .
    Anyway as a personal interest thing Im trying to find out how may G wagons that became "CV" captured vehicle during the Falklands ended up in the UK and Europe .
    All these Gs were from the first military order to leave the factory in Graz for Mercedes or Puch in 1981.
    any storys , photos , chassis numbers would be very helpfull.
    The ones I know about are ,

    RAF Cosford has one,
    Fleet air arm Musium Has one ,
    Private owner in Bristol has one , ( on sale )
    Private owner in Blackburn,
    Private owner in France ( needs total rebuild )
    Private owner in US ( on sale )

    There must be more

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  2. Had a chat , to an Ex RE chap yesterday who worked down south as a civilion contractor soon after the war ,
    Brought two G wagons at local auction and shipped one back to the UK plus loads of spares from the second , used it for twenty two years now hes selling it.
    Had some fantastic photos very eightys :D .

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  3. The funnist thing about the G wagons being that when the Argies lost them to us, they hadn't paid for them.

    Two stories.

    One that the Argies asked for them back as they hadn't been paid for yet.

    One that the Germans asked for the money for them, because the Argies hadn't paid for them.

    In both instances the request was declined.

    The bennies used them for ages too.
  4. Don't know anything about G Wagons - too modern for my memories. The only Kraut Jeeps I ever met, were the DKWs we used in Berlin in the early 60s. Any examples of them still around, that you know of?
  5. The RAF's 18 Sqn had one as a station runaround in germany during the late 80's - 90's, anyway when they request some parts from mercedes and gave the vehicles numbers they were told no you can't have the parts as the vehicle was never paid for. Ended up as a non runner in a museum painted black and red (sqn colours) IIRC.
  6. As far as i can remember, when i went back in 84 the CV reg was up to 54..
  7. Black cat, you mean the one below :D .
    ex-dvr , thanks for that information . CV 58 pictured below , at present for sale in the US :D .

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  8. Thats the kiddy :D