Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Drop_Short, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Vital to employer support - my boss wouldn't have me in the TA if he couldn't attend.

  2. Relatively useful to employer support if flush with cash.

  3. A complete and utter waste of MTDs and my time!

  1. In these troubled times of limited budgets, those activities which have no operational relevance must come under the spotlight - should EXECUTIVE STRETCH be axed?
  2. No, it's a decent PR exercise, although funding, MTDwise, should be looked at. It does give employers a very small insight to the TA in general.
  3. Exec Stretch is useful as far as it goes, but....

    I think the main problem is that it tends to preach to the converted. I am not convinced that enough is done to get those employers who are not entirely on side involved.

    Exec Stretch is not a recruiting exercise, it is supposed to ecourage a pro reserve forces ethos within the employers community. If, though all we are doing is involving those who are already on side then i think it probably is not as worthwhile as it might be. That said, those who are on side must be kept on-side and i suppose it probably does no harm in that respect.

    But i do think the targetting could be better.
  4. SaBRE

    Worth every penny.
  5. You make me laugh - you're a funny guy!
  6. In an ideal world it is a good PR tool but some people use it as a job for the boys and with things the way they are I think we should get rid and concentrate on what is more important.
  7. I have just changed companies and am thinking of getting my line manager and his boss to attend one of these events to highlight what skills the RF can bring to their employees (me). To try and get them more on side, not that they are anti. Having never been involved in one of these events myself I would apprieciate any opinions from people who have done one as to weather it would be worth while
    Let me know what you think!!
  8. Worth the single penny they get as a budget you mean ?
  9. From my one and only time assisting on this in the mid-90's there were a few attendees that had been told by their employers that they had to attend an Ex EXECUTIVE STRETCH to be eligible for promotion, as it was a way of teaching teamwork and leadership skills.

    In the closing remarks from the CO, he pointed out that at the beginning of the weekend the groups going through were afraid to help each other, and by the end of the weekend, the groups going through had no qualms shouting encouragement and manhandling the others through the various stands.

    I spoke to some of those compulsory attendees at the end, and they all agreed it was the best training course they had attended.
  10. My boss wanted to do it but I can't believe they have to pay!!!!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    The payment is a way of reminding them that they do have to turn up.

  12. Even though we work in a very large multi national company, my supervisor could not get this type of thing signed off..... He'd have to get his boss and HR to probably some sort of director approval...

    It's not going to happen which is a real shame.

  13. Just got in from rehersal day. Sat arround in the sun waiting for le grand fromage, entourage and assorted others who, it turns out, may not even be there on the day. Could have been done round a meeting and briefing scenario. In fact some stands didnt even turn up.
    Its a good event but not sure about the value of today. Any other opinions?
  14. Looks like its been cancelled now.
  15. I stumbled onto an Executive Stretch run by the RWxY a couple of summers ago. I happen to think it's a bloody brilliant idea, and would love to see the National Guard try it out. Of course, the liability lawyers would clam it right up.
    "Hang on, you want to give civvies rifles, as much blank ammo and pyro as they can carry, and have them roam around our MOUT site and play in APCs? Are you mad?!"

    The most common remark I heard at the end of the exercise was "I never realised it was this much work", closely followed by "I'll be taking tomorrow off." If it even does nothing more than to explain why your employees are a bit groggy/snippy on a Monday morning after a field exercise, it's done its bit.

    Even just commerically as a team-building exercise: Companies love sending management off to hideaways for some sort of ridiculous trust exercises or whatever, why not have something fun for them which also increases a little knowledge of the military?