Ex Engineer

15 years in the Engineers. Got out in 1991. attempted to settle in the UK, eventually found a job and began living again.
1993 came the recession, redundancy, homeless, no help from Government or council.

Decide to try my luck. Went to Hong Kong found a job, actually doing what the RSME had taught me!!! Good money, good night life, never looked back.

6 years Hong Kong
4 years Malaysia
2 years Taiwan
1.5 years Turkey
1 year Dubai
3 stints in Australia = 5 years
Short terms in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and China.

Currently in Aus with a house in the Philippines.

Great life!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 years since getting down and dirty on Dartmoor before embarking on the QE2!!!! Where did the years go?
Never Picked up an SA-80 (Old useless one or the new 'better' one) What I do know is that when you hit someone with a 7.62 they went down. From what I here the 5.56 nedds afew seconds for a body to realise that they have been hit.
Ex Engineer. 22 years, pension and **** off. worked in 30 odd countries so far. Ubique! :)

Welcome to ARRSE, Nick. (See what I did there?).
And. AND! Most of the idiots in the head offices only know these countries through CNN and pay us more to be there!!!! The time spent moving house in the Army has stood me in good stead in this life. According to my passports I have lived, worked or played in 72 countries so far. Ubique indeed.

(I did see what you did there and I'm sure your mother would be very proud.)
Mothers dead. Haven't been to where she is yet. Expect you have. Was it warm?

Hong Kong has been good to many a Brit, hence the expression FILTH. Have you met Julie Lomo yet?
Julie Lomo: An apocryphal story about a young man (FILTH - Failed in London Try Hong Kong) goes out to Honkers and joins Ernst & Young. At the icebreaker party for new staff he gets horribly pissed and tries to chat up the chief accountants secretary, a beautiful Hong Kong Chinese girl.

Next morning a colleague asks him how he got on with the girl and asks if he got her phone number.

Didn't get her phone number, admits the bloke, but she told me her name: Julie Lomo.

In Cantonese, what sounds a bit like Julie Lomo is actually: Diu Lei Lo Mo

Or in English: Go F*** your mother. It is one of the worst Chinese curses.
Now its in context I do recall hearing that story before! Long Time ago now 1999 when I left HK.

I liked malaysia more. A lot less intense but the work was brilliant.

I actually failed in Leicester so it does apply.

I started out in Tai Po and found Bobby London's on my first afternoon. Happy, if slightly blurry, times.

Trips to the city were a great occassion till the office moved to Wanchai!!!!!!!!! Lived out near the wishing tree. Place called Fong Ma Po. crazy old lady down stairs that used to clean my place, even when I didn't want her too!
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