Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Pangur_Ban, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Another Joint Service DCI.....

    DCI JS 147/04 issued 10 Dec 04


    A 24 hour motorcycle driving training exercise organised by REME on behalf of the Army Motorcycle Association being held in Spring 05.

    Since the exercise begain in 1996 it has provided off road driver training for thousands of motorcyclists and has raised over £90,000 for charities.

    Four main aims:

    a) Improve cross country riding techniques.
    b) Introduce skills required for night riding.
    c) Test endurance of both rider and bike over harsh terrain.
    d) Encourage novice riders to become competent at crosscountry.

    More details including dates, POC, entry criteria and associated charities may be found in the DCI. Copies should be available from local admin staff.

    Anyone done this before?