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What an awesome weekend ! Even though it pi**ed it down all night ! Well done to all those who finished. My arms arms are still hurting from wrestling trough the sand! :D
There's a BIG surprise NOT, but makes you proud of the Corps
WOOOHOOOOO we got the spirit of the event award, not bad for 3 chefs and a civi, oh and our gorgeous support crew of 4 WRENS, brilliant event will def be back next year, maybe on an XR if I can find a couple.
Only one video on youtube at the moment need to see some more also does anyone know if the phots that were taken will be abvailable on a disc or something.
I didnt fall off once, I dismounted with style every time HAHA.
Dunno about the results yet been looking everywhere, as for phots would like to see some aswell, our team had a few taken at the prize giving got an email address and all of us have tried to contact the photographer but he hasnt answered any of our emails to put it bluntly we arent that impressed at the moment
Yep that would be ace mate if you could, hows your man with the damaged foot, thanks again for looking at the genny for us, I was catching some serious zeds at the time and they didnt wake me, any way my email is dirt.junkie@virgin.net. I,ll pm you aswell. cheers.
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