First post so be gentle, Ive got a team entered into this years Ex enduring Help, its been a struggle to organise and get things together but i think we are there, although now 3 of our support crew have dropped out at the last minute :x so leaving the riders abit of an iron man task ahead of us. :roll:
Anyway I would like some info before we go, ie what are the technical questions asked???
Hav PM you mad-ferret, but to everyone else who has done this event, I read on the DIN that if two teams finish with the same amount of laps then the time taken to answer the tech question would decide on who wins the event, ( questions asked at random to the teams throughout the event) cant be too hard as looking at last years results the winning team answered theirs within 20 secs.
As for hearing anything we,ve sent in our entry but as of today still havnt got back our team number etc.
Should be a good event although my team are woefully underprepared and under supported by support crew who all seem to have dropped out at the last minute so its going to be abit of an iron man event for us :D wish us luck
Transporter, I wouldn't worry too much about winning the event, if you have ridden it before you will know what I'm on about. If not, the gap between the top 5 teams and the rest of the entries can be vast but don't let it put you off its great fun and a great acheivement for all who finish. Consult people who have lots of experience of the event for top tips, I haven't rode the event for a few years but used to do it on a regular basis, if need be you can pm me and I will try and help, practice a bit of sand riding though.
Hello mate,
Good luck next weekend, just take a sense of humour and big smile. Technical question is really a small task like change a light bulb, so don't worry about that side of it. With regards to being short on support, don't worry as every one is there to help out any how,if you need out just ask team next to you I'm sure they will help or pop over to one of the tents flying the Welsh flag. Enjoy and see you there. :D
Your a lucky cnut I went the last two years and it's a hoot. cant get this year though. don't worry about trying to win concentrate on keeping going! hope the weathers good although a bit of rain makes for some more interesting riding, remember a large issue of humor (some red bull and pro plus helps)
Many Thanks for all the support and help Guys, Takin a Huge amount of the sense of humour, hell I know we will come first for one thing and thats being the only Navy Team entered, although Im ex Army hence why Im on here and not the Rum Ration side of this site, although now being a MOD civil servant driving for the Marines Im getting to see what the other side of the fence looks like. See you all there and good luck to you all.
Tanks again
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